Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Jobseekers underestimate career prospects with SME employers

Over a quarter (28%) have not considered SMEs as an employment option

Research from shows that UK jobseekers are unaware of the value of SMEs as employers, with over a quarter (28%) of them stating that they had not considered working for one. Over half (51%) of respondents wrongly believed there is less opportunity for career progression with an SME, while a third (34%) believed SMEs were a less desirable option as they offered lower salaries.

Despite this, the research does show that 34% of jobseekers believe that the culture would be better at an SME compared to a larger company, due to the relationship building opportunities within close knit teams. 

John Salt, Website Director of says:

“Despite the fact that the UK SME sector is booming, our research shows a perception among jobseekers that larger companies offer better career progression and salaries. In fact, the opposite is often the case; employees are more likely to be noticed in a SME and rewarded with promotions and pay rises, whereas it’s easier to be overlooked at larger companies.

John Salt continues, “SMEs need to communicate the benefits and opportunities of working for smaller companies effectively to jobseekers. They are vital to the UK economy and provide a wealth of opportunities to grow, learn and succeed.”