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Jobboard Finder reveals its new version

Near a year after its launch, Jobboard Finder, the world’s largest job board encyclopedia, reveals its new version: a totally free access for everyone. To date, Jobboard Finder references more than 800 job boards and aggregators

Jobboard Finder, the world’s largest job board encyclopedia will on the 26th of March reveals its new version. Almost a year after its opening for recruiters and then jobseekers, Jobboard Finder now opens its entire encyclopedia for free. 

This new version will still enable users to use the search engine, but they will also get access to the entire information of all the registered job boards, i.e. the audience figures (most of them measured by comScore an international expert in digital measurement and analytics), the job category breakdown, the rates, the contact details… The Jobboard Finder users will also be able to use the advanced features such as the favorites, the alerts and the comparison tool.

“With this new version, we offer to everyone, recruiters and jobseekers, the possibility to find and compare easily job sites. There are thousands of job boards all around the world: generalists, niches, locals, nationals etc… While the job board market is getting more and more obscure, it is more and more common to recruit for its subsidiary abroad or to go to the other side of the planet to work. Understanding the market outside your frontiers is therefore difficult, but the Jobboard Finder mission is to enlighten it.” explains François de Boutray, Aktor Interactive CEO.

Today, Jobboard Finder references together more than 800 job boards and aggregators within 162 countries. The best job sites of every country have been carefully selected to join the encyclopedia. International aggregators such as Jobisjob, Indeed or even Jobble now have a profile on Jobboard Finder.

Next to the website one can find the blog called JBF News ( where all the news regarding the e-recruitment or the job boards are published in real time through articles.

About Aktor Interactive

Aktor Interactive is an international recruitment media agency established in France and operating at a worldwide level. Since its foundation in 1999, the agency advises international organizations every day on the most efficient media strategies to promote their employer brand and recruit the best candidates globally. When it comes to international on-line recruitment tools and media planning, Aktor is the recognized European leader. Jobboard Finder, its last worldwide innovation, proves it once again.