Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Jobboard Finder opens up to Asia-Pacific

Jobboard Finder, the global job board encyclopedia is expanding its worldwide presence with the integration of the Asia-Pacific zone. More than 50 new employment websites have been added to the online directory, which now references 600 job portals in the five continents. After the integration of the American job boards in September, the website finally reaches a worldwide coverage

Launched in May 2014 by Aktor Interactive, the website has developed partnerships with some of the largest job boards across the globe. It is used on a daily basis by 230 companies to identify which job boards are the most adapted to post their job listings, and by thousands of job seekers to find the right employment sites.

With the opening of Asia-Pacific, Jobboard Finder now references some of the most visited job boards of the planet, such as 51jobs in China (40 million visits/month), Naukri in India (25 million), or HeadHunter in Russia (20 million). Twenty new countries are now covered, such as Indonesia, Japan, or Australia, which raises the total coverage of the encyclopedia to 146 countries.

Jobboard Finder is free, but includes a premium version with more advanced features. The free version allows users to browse the 600 job boards database and access basic information. Premium users get more strategic data, such as the audience figures, the rate cards, and the sales contact details of every website. They can also access the comparison tool, and bookmark their favorites. Different premium packages are available, ranging from a one-week (€50) to a twelve-month access (€40/month).

The Jobboard Finder team also runs a blog, and publishes weekly news on the e-recruitment market. Currently available in English, Jobboard Finder will accompany its worldwide expansion by translating its homepage to seven languages. By the end of the year French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese versions will be added. - "The world‘s largest job board encyclopedia