Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Jobandtalent live on the Underground

That’s right, we’re alive and kicking on the London Underground.

Plastered on station walls, across the train tracks, or bobbing above heads inside tube carriages, we’re openly inviting businesses to easily find, and hire, quality candidates.

For too long small-to-medium businesses have struggled with recruitment costs, messy admin with compliance, reference checks and payroll, bridled with the disappointment of hiring candidates that don’t quite fit the bill. So we saw an opportunity to tell our story to London’s 3.5 million daily underground commuters:Jobandtalent makes hiring the right talent remarkably effortless. 

Supporting our TV campaign that launched on Channel 4 and ITV earlier this month, we want to show business owners, and in turn job seekers, how dated the employment industry is. In a nutshell, recruitment can be inexpensive, quick, and importantly pretty darn fail-safe.

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Jobandtalent is available for iOS and Android. Download us here.