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Job seekers head to their bed to apply for jobs, research reveals

By Tracy Godding, Head of UX Research, Madgex

A surprising 12% of job seekers apply for jobs from the comfort of their bed, according to new research from Madgex.

The study also found 30% of job searches are carried out during the daily commute to work, although few people opt to apply for a job at this time.

The key factor in this activity is our increasing reliance on smartphones, iPads and tablets, which have changed our relationship with the internet. These changes have had a dramatic impact on the way job seekers search, research and apply for a new position.

To understand how people use job boards, Madgex carried out a Job Seeker Behaviour study, using a diary study and combination of analytics. This information has given valuable insight into what users do, when they do it and why.

The first part of the study is A Day in the Life of a Job Seeker, which focuses on the ‘when’ of job seeker activity. By following their daily routine – from breakfast till bed – Madgex has been able to gain a clear picture of when people use their devices to search for jobs.

Want to know the best time to email job alerts, or the optimum opportunity to tweet about a featured recruiter? This study can help you adapt your strategy and marketing campaigns according to job seeker behaviour.

Tom McCarthy CEO at Madgex: “We are always looking to improve the performance of our job boards, and job seeker behaviour plays a key part in this.

This study has revealed some startling statistics, that will not only enable Madgex to improve its technology, we believe it will also help our clients run more successful job boards.”

To find out more about our research and to gain more insights in to the daily habits of job seekers download our exclusive white paper 'A Day in the Life of a Job Seeker'.