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Job Seekers and Recruiters Speak Out About Job Boards

The latest issue of IT Contractor magazine discusses the pros and cons of big job boards and smaller and niche sites
from both the job seeker and recruiter point of view. The author reports that big boards have the advantage of higher visibility, more traffic, resumes and jobs. Conversely, it is pointed out that job seekers often feel their resume is going into a black hole while recruiters are overwhelmed
with unqualified responses. According to the article, job seekers cited Net-Temps favorably for ease of use and fast and appropriate responses.

The article also brings up the advantages of the standardized XML vocabularies promoted by the HR-XML Consortium. When job seekers create a resume with Net-Tempsí Resume Builder, the resume is automatically
XML-compliant which allows it to be successfully passed through automated readers and scanning processes. Net-Temps is one of the few job sites to employ this technology. Not only does it help job seekers but it also assists recruiters in sifting through resumes that match their exact

Net-Temps is ranked the number one online job posting board specializing in the Staffing industry serving direct placement and temporary (contract) professionals and is consistently ranked in the top 10 websites with job
postings based on traffic by Media Metrix and Neilsen//NetRatings.
Net-Tempsí job posting service provides an effective means for staffing agencies, human resource professionals and small business executives to take advantage of electronic recruiting. Hundreds of thousands of job seekers
post resumes and search for jobs at no cost. Jobs are organized into industry-specific employment channels making it convenient to inquire about available positions and apply online. Further information about Net-Temps
is available at