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Item Analysis tool for psychometricians - 12/2000

New report from question mark

Question Mark, supplier of Perception testing and assessment software, is now offering a new Item Analysis report specially built for psychometricians and test analysts, in addition to Perception's standard reports.

The Item Analysis report calculates the item difficulty, item discrimination Indices, correlation of individual test items and choices to the total test score. Statistics in the report are calculated/formatted according to classical test theory and best practices used by professional test analysis experts.

The report contents and layout are fixed and include a list of all questions in the session, the number of results for each question, the number of times a question was not answered/answered correctly, and an item discrimination statistic indicating how performance on a question differs or discriminates between a high scoring group and a low scoring group.

The new report can be used on quizzes and tests with at least 26 participants, but for the statistics to be valid, a minimum of 50 results is recommended and 200 or more results are preferable. The header to the report lists the session name, session ID and session author and the filters applying to the report. It also lists the number of results being reported on and the dates on which the session was first and last.