Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

It’s here already – the next release of

As part of our continual upgrade pathway, we are excited to announce that we are adding extra potential revenue earning streams to

This is available this week and at no extra cost to our clients. These recent releases are in line with our business objectives of ensuring that our clients have as many revenue streams available as possible through their job boards.

Selling Network Course leads  

As with the recent release of Network Jobs, your site will now receive Network Courses on a fully functional course page that will allow your candidates to apply for courses to help improve their opportunities and enhance their careers. *Each candidate that clicks through to a network course will earn your board revenue.

Selling Candidates into the network

This is a great revenue opportunity that allows you to make more money from your candidates. *Not only will you get paid per application that your candidate makes, you can also earn revenue by selling your candidate within the network to another board who would like to purchase that candidate by means of their CV.

These upgrades have been designed to help our clients generate more revenue from their job board and to deliver an improved user experience to their candidates, which can also help enhance your candidate attraction strategy.

Our upgrade pathway is continual, so watch this space for the next release of upgrades…..

*Terms and Conditions apply.