Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec Launch Human Auctions - 06/2000

Free Site Offers Extra Service, the much publicised Free site, has launched a human auction service. This allows candidates to offer their services to the highest bidder.

Kamal Sharma, MD described the system as ìstripping the recruitment market down to the rawest component of demand and supply, Interviewmeís unique auction process relies on true market forces to dictate candidates value as opposed to the subjective valuation of a recruitment consultantî.

The site is currently attracting high volumes of visitors.

Industry reaction to the ìFree modelî is widespread. At the recent REC conference - E-cruitment ñ the why and how, James Wellesley-Wesley from Granville Baird, the bankers, said ìConversations have moved on from metrics i.e. how many page impressions, to money, where will the income come fromî?