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IntertradeIreland Project - Remote Interviewing via the Web

University of UIster at Magee

The School of Computing and Intelligent Systems in the University of UIster at Magee has just launched a 'FUSION' programme with Claddagh Resources, Fahan. FUSION is InterTradeIreland's flagship cross-border knowledge
transfer programme, and is managed within the University by the Regional Development Section.

Claddagh Resources is a premier Outsourced Recruiting and Market Research firm. They have clients in financial services, consulting, manufacturing and the software sector. Claddagh specialises in introducing clients to
leading edge web technologies and methodologies and guarantee an improvement in the efficiency of their hiring processes, at a reduced cost. Results of the Fusion programme will be integrated into Claddaghs existing client
resources grid system.

Mr Kevin Curran begins an 18 month programme
of mentoring support to a graduate, Mr Shane Dempsey
working on a leading edge IT development project in a County Donegal company (Southern Ireland). Claddagh Resources is one of the first outsourced recruitment
businesses in the world. Most of the research projects engaged in investigate methods of best practice in sourcing information on manpower, jobs and recruitment. It is essential that the Company be able to utilise the very latest technologies to present the information required by its clients. In light of this, Mr Curran commented that the Fusion programme will develop a leading edge video streaming solution tied into a ColdFusion database, which will help establish a competitive edge over competitors thus
leading to market growth. It is anticipated that the FUSION project will result in huge cost reduction potential, as clients may no longer need to
finance the transport and accommodation costs associated with the interview process. This will be achieved through the provision of candidate resumes, video interviews, audio reference checks, and an electronic communication
system on one electronic platform.

Claddagh Resources Company Supervisor George McAllister (Pictured above left) states The FUSION programme will allow the appropriate technology to be implemented within the company cost effectively. It is essential that
Claddagh clients are able to access the new facility free of technical issues such as firewalls, security, fixed IP's etc. Claddagh believes that through the assistance of a FUSION programme with the University of Ulster,
this service will be offered in a simple and cost effective way. Indeed, the acquisition of this facility would constitute a first in the outsourced recruitment industry, and would therefore greatly enhance Claddagh's overall
level of service and result in increased revenue through new client acquisition.

The FUSION initiative, which operates in a similar manner to the TCS scheme creates cross-border partnerships between knowledge centres (Universities/Colleges), knowledge carriers (Graduates) and small to medium sized companies. University of Ulster academics act as consultants on
business development projects that are vital to company growth and development.

Kevin Curran
Lecturer in Computer Science
Dept. of Informatics
University of Ulster,
Magee College,
N. Ireland

Phone: 44 028 7137 5565