Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Insights into how behavioural science can improve recruitment offered free to HR and business professionals

Employers, recruiters and HR professionals will be given free access to advice on how psychology and a deeper understanding of human behaviour can be used to find, attract and retain the right candidates starting with an online webinar due to launch this week from Monster.

The leading recruitment platform has partnered with one of the country’s top behavioural scientists, Richard Shotton, to share advice that can be used to support the HR process in four key areas: advertising, interviews, diversity and motivation.

The Monster webinar, ‘Applying Behavioural Science to Recruitment’, is due to go live at 11am on Wednesday 25th March. It will give industry professionals and key decision makers insights into human behaviour and advice on how this can be used to successfully connect with the best candidates, increase campaign response, and motivate existing employees.

The webinar will include diverse examples of companies that have already effectively implemented behavioural science into their approach, as well as proven research where common biases have been uncovered. The webinar references over a century of commercial examples and academic research into fascinating human biases, such as ‘the Von Restorff effect’, ‘the Pratfall effect’, and ’costly signalling’ with an explanation of how these can be applied the recruitment process. 

Derek Jenkins, General Manager for Monster in UK & Ireland, said: “To be able to find and attract the best candidate for a role in this competitive market - and to retain valuable employees - businesses and HR professionals need to do something different. Going beyond the CV, we want to help our customers better understand candidates and staff using psychology and insights into human behaviour.

“While originally available exclusively to Monster customers, by hosting the webinar online and giving everyone free access, we hope to share resources and knowledge at a time when many will be working from home and looking for new opportunities for professional development”.

Richard Shotton, Behavioural Scientist and Author of ‘The Choice Factory’, said: “The way people claim to behave versus how they actually behave are two very different things. Recruitment is about understanding people; improving knowledge about the inherent biases in human behavior will have important implications for the industry. 

While behavioural science is increasingly used in other sectors, it hasn’t been used to its full potential in recruitment yet. Everyone who takes part in the webinar will leave with several easily implemented changes that can be used within their recruitment strategies and campaigns to bring about big improvements.”

Those watching the webinar on the launch date will also have access to a live Q&A session with Richard Shotton and the experts at Monster after the presentation. 

Further information and a pre-registration form for ‘Applying Behavioural Science to Recruitment’ can be accessed at