Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Increasing your LinkedIn business page followers – A recruiters guide in 11 parts

Unfortunately, LinkedIn is a business orientated social media platform that limits the possibilities to get exposure for your business page. That doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do though.

11 inspiring ideas for recruiters to get traction on their LinkedIn page

Unlike some of the other social media getting exposure for your business page can be a bit of an uphill struggle for recruiters. It’s ironic, isn’t it? A platform that is deeply invested in the careers of its users is the most difficult to gain traction on. A lot of the difficulty is down to LinkedIn limiting the amount you can do outside your own network, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. We have an idea or two (well, 11 ideas in this article) about how recruitment businesses can grab some exposure.

1. Are your employees adding your business to their profiles?

It’s worth a quick look to see how many of your team are listing you as an employer. If they aren’t it will be worth asking them if they would mind updating their information and then tagging the correct company page. That way, when they do, they will automatically follow the page and others will see their listing. Don’t forget any freelancers and part time staff as well.

2. Video is great for company pages.

LinkedIn say that followers who engage with video take twice as many “amplification actions” as they do on other posts. An amplification action is a like, comment and so. Recruiters have plenty of options for creating video (Job of the week, what’s happening in the office, visits to expos and so on) so try and share regularly. A once a week post native uploaded (not YouTube) video is a good start.

3. It’s not all about LinkedIn

Your company page can be shared on other platforms. If you have different content on your LinkedIn page you can leverage that on Instagram, Facebook or wherever you also post. Make your LinkedIn content a little more professional and recruitment specific in tone and content and really try not to share the same content over different platforms. The more exclusive and appropriate content you have on LinkedIn, the better. There is absolutely no reason not to signpost to it from other social media.

4. Traffic goes both directions, so use your website

Make sure your LinkedIn business page is available via your website. Some recruiters use their personal profile as the destination from the website LinkedIn icon but it’s probably better to use your business page. As an aside, when you finish reading this why not do a quick check of your social media links on your website. Are they all there and do they work? You would be surprised how often they don’t.

5. So long and thanks for all the links – Use your email signature

Many people miss this little trick. Adding a link to your email signature is a great way to encourage business page followers. Most email software, including office 365, allow you to do this quite easily.

6. Keep sharing recruitment content

Recruiters need to be social professionals so sharing good content is really important.

  • Post regularly, at least once a day, on your business page
  • Add native video (see earlier hint)
  • Use graphics. Sometimes the simplest of graphics with an engaging question will get the best results
  • Share from your company page to your personal page
  • Keep an eye on your recruitment area industry and post news and trending topics related to your target candidates and clients
  • Don’t forget to ask your employees if they will also share company content

7. Don’t be all me, me, me in recruitment business posts.

It’s Ok to be promoting your business but people often overestimate how much. You should be talking about yourself about 20% of the time. It’s about engaging your candidates and clients.

8. Check your details – are they complete?

Here’s a little hint. LinkedIn loves fully completed bios and information and shows a preference for them. So, check your company information is up to date. Tick every box and complete every section. Include all your channels, categories, other information such as YouTube and so on.

9. Check out the targeting options

Did you know that LinkedIn can help define your target audience? There are also easily accessed additional business-based information tabs at the top of your business page that will tell you a lot of useful stuff about what is trending and what users are doing.

10. Know your analytics and adjust for them

Just near to the things in point 9 above, you will find the analytics about your page. The more you know about what works, who is looking, visitor metrics and so on, the better you will be able to target your content to increase the interaction with your page.

11. Optimise your ‘About us’ area

Your about us will cut off after about 150 characters. All a user has to do is click on ‘see more’ to read the rest, but they often don’t. An attention-grabbing opening to your bio is therefore a must have if you want people to engage further.

Finally, here is an extra tip that will save you a lot of pointless frustration. Remember that LinkedIn company pages are a slow burn not a sprint, so you need to keep at it. Don’t worry too much if you don’t get masses of followers every week. The slower build when compared to something like Facebook is Ok because LinkedIn followers have higher value. A good strategy that leads to smaller numbers of engaged potential clients and candidates beats 1000s of inactive follower’s hands down.