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Improving Your Online Brand

This day and age, people go online to do just about everything. From car shopping to finding the best Thai restaurant in the area, it’s amazing to think what we did without the power of the internet 20 years ago.

The internet is also an incredibly important tool for job hunters and job seekers. According to a new report, 94% of jobseekers consider the employee brand. 46% of those surveyed said they believed employers are not effectively communicating their employee brand. They are not capitalizing on all the internet has to offer and what they can do their brand.

So, how can you effectively communicate your brand and attract top talent? Below are some steps you could be taking right now.

Make Your Website Look Professional

You know what your parents always said, “first appearances matter.” The first interaction job seekers are likely to have with your business is through a job board or your website. Most job seekers are going to poke around a bit on the website to see what exactly you do, to get a glimpse of company culture or just find out some basic information.

The first step in making a professional website is securing a domain name that will capture your audience's attention. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, not rerouting people to dead links and making sure everything is nice and in order. The easiest way for someone to click CTRL+W on your website is by having it look disorderly and poorly designed.

Consistency is Key

Think about your favorite TV show that comes on once a week. What would you do if it stopped coming on regularly, but instead at a completely different time on a different day? Then the next week, it didn’t come on at all. The week after that, it returned to its regularly scheduled time. Then finally, it comes on again at some random time.

After finding your pitchfork in your garage, you’d probably start losing interest. Nothing was consistent and eventually, you moved on to other things. Content marketing  is one of the best ways to grow your business and keep visitors engaged and regular content marketing is the cherry on top.

This doesn’t mean you have to follow a concrete schedule that every Sunday at 5 P.M. you post something online, but whatever your schedule is you need to stick with it. Are you posting one time a day? Multiple times a day? One big blog post a week? Whatever it is, make sure you stick with your plan.

Social Media

With over half of the world’s population scrolling through social media, you’d be silly not to make sure you’re active on social media. It can be a great way to publish content, show offers, promote products, make announcements and interact with consumers.

You can tie in your website’s content to your social media pages, meaning everything would be published at the same time. The more people are likely to see your business or products, the more likely they are to remember them in the future.

One way to reach out to a wider audience is by partnering with influencers, either locally or nationally, depending on your brand. It’s a win-win for both parties involved, they get some extra exposure while giving your some credibility and cross-promotion. Do some research and see who may be beneficial to promoting your business and brand.

Embrace Online Reviews

Online reviews can bring back feelings of receiving your end of semester report card. Even though you may have done everything possible, you don’t know if you’re going to be getting that elusive A.

When people review things, it’s usually to give out negative reviews or complain about a bad experience. Those that had positive experiences aren’t very likely to leave a review. That’s why you can encourage others to rate you through the necessary platforms like Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc.

You should also take the time to respond to reviews, either to thank customers for coming in or address what happened with a negative review. Make sure you have someone monitoring the review services so the fate of your business is not left with the words of some angry customers.