Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How to Use Twitter for Business

Twitter is a powerhouse when it comes to growing your brand’s awareness. The platform’s daily active users currently stand at 206 million, making it a perfect medium for building a following and promoting your business.

Unfortunately for many businesses, having many followers on social media does not always translate to increased revenue. In fact, many brands boast of a great Twitter following but can’t get it right when it comes to keeping their followers engaged.

In this post, we not only teach you how to get Twitter followers but also how to translate this following to sales through engagement.

1.   Start by Creating A Unique Twitter Profile

If Twitter is going to be a great marketing tool for you, then you must get it right from the basics.

Ensure the details you use on your profile are correct and unique. From your profile picture to your Twitter handle, you need to ensure that your account stands out from your competitors.

When it comes to the profile picture, most businesses prefer to use the logo for easy identification. But, if you decide to use another photo for the profile picture, ensure it’s professional and relatable to your business.

Moreover, when writing your bio, clearly describe your business and the products you offer. You can also add a few hashtags to make it easier for people who may be interested in your products to find you.

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to keep your location and contact details up to date.

2.   Tweet Often

When it comes to promoting your business through social media, consistency is key. Tweeting frequently and consistently gives your followers confidence to follow you.

Besides, tweets have a short shelf life, so we recommend that you spread them out throughout the day.

There is no magic number to the number of tweets you should post per day. However, most businesses aim for 2-5 tweets daily.

If you’re stuck on how often you should tweet, try tweeting a number of tweets on different days to determine what works for you. Also, post at different times of the day to determine when your audience is most active.

3.   Share Valuable Content

Knowing how frequently you should tweet is just as important as knowing what to post.

When creating your content, always have your audience in mind.  This will help you create content that adds value to your followers. Your content should also be timely, relevant, and engaging.

Using different types of content can also increase engagement. For instance, tweets with images, memes, emojis, GIFs, and videos often get retweeted more than those with text only.

4.   Use Hashtags

Using the right hashtags improves the visibility of your tweets. Hashtags make your content searchable and also enable people outside your following to find you.

Using Twitter trending hashtags can also help attract a large audience, some of whom may end up being your loyal customers.  But while using trending hashtags is recommended, always ensure you understand the meaning of the hashtags and only use the ones relevant to your brand.

Also, avoid using too many hashtags, as it may appear like you’re trying too hard to gain people’s attention.

Here are a few different ways you can use Twitter hashtags to create awareness for your business.

  • Use hashtags to promote your marketing campaigns
  • To tweet about your company’s important events
  • To join a conversation that is relevant to your business
  • To join trending conversations
  • To join an ongoing challenge or trend

5.   Engage Your Audience

Responding to your followers’ comments or retweeting their tweets can help build relationships, resulting in active and loyal followers.

Besides, interacting with your audience can enable you to get valuable information about your products.  You can also use customers’ feedback to make informed decisions on how often to tweet. Engagement can also increase your followers as there are customers who are attracted to your brand through engagement. You can buy Twitter followers from the authentic source, it will certainly help to improve your engagement. 

In closing, building a loyal following on Twitter or any other social media site takes time. The above five tips can help grow your business by increasing your reach on Twitter, while also keeping your audience engaged.