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How to set up a proxy for Gmail

A Proxy server is a gateway with various levels of functionality, security, and privacy, and it is a bridge between the user and the internet.

It is an intermediary server that separates the user and the websites they browse depending on your needs or company's policy. By using a proxy server, the traffic flows through the proxy server and then this server forwards the received data to the user. Modern proxy servers not only forward web requests but also offers great security and network performance. It acts like a web filter and provides shared connections and cache data. A good proxy server provides a high level of privacy and it keeps the users and the internal network protected and safe.

What are the uses of a Proxy server?

  • The Proxy server is used to control the over usage of the internet by the employees and children. Various organizations and also many parents set up proxy servers in order to control the use of the internet. The organizations use these proxy servers as they do not want their employees to access certain sites during the working hours. Therefore, they use Proxy servers in order to deny access to specific websites. Through the Proxy servers, they can also check and log all the web requests. This way they can know how much you've spent time on a website even though they have not blocked the website
  • The Proxy server also offers bandwidth savings and improved speeds. With the help of Proxy servers, the organizations can also get better and provide a better overall network performance. The Proxy server can also save a copy of the website. Therefore, when you need a copy of the website, you can ask any of the sites, and the Proxy server will send a request to that site. This way it saves the bandwidth for the company and improves the overall network performance
  • Various organizations also use Proxy servers in order to browse the internet more privately. For this purpose, most of the servers will change the IP address and the other information that is contained in the web requests. Therefore, the destination server is not aware of who made the original request and this, in turn, helps to keep your personal information safe and keep all your browsing activities more private
  • Also, one of the most security benefits provided by the Proxy servers is privacy benefits. These servers can encrypt your web requests so that you avoid other people from reading your transactions and other information. Proxy servers can also prevent malware sites from getting any access. And for this, the organization can use a Proxy server along with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This will only allow remote users to use internet services with the help of the company's proxy. A VPN is, however, is a direct connection to the company's network which is also shared with the external or the remote users. With the help of VPN networks, the company can control and verify its users and also verify the email and the internal data. And in addition to that, it also provides a secure and private connection to the users in order to protect the organization's data

Steps to set proxy for Gmail

It is possible to access your Gmail account without going through an internet browser by simply configuring a proxy to gain access. Common proxies for Gmail include computer email clients and mobile phones. Here are some steps in order to set up Gmail proxy server

  • The first step is you should open your Gmail account. After this, you need to click on "Settings" in the top right-hand corner and then select the "Enable IMAP in Gmail" option. And then finally click "Save Changes."
  • In the second step, you have to open Outlook express and then select the "Tools" menu and click on "Accounts." After this, click on “Add" and then stipulate "Mail." Then you need to enter your name in the "Display name" field and click next to continue. You are required to enter your full email address in the "Email Address" field and click "Next."
  • In the last step, you need to configure your email server by selecting the "IMAP" from the drop-down menu and then entering the “" in the "Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server" field and click "Next." In the "Account Name" field, enter your full email address. After you enter your email address, you have to click "Finish" and then highlight "" under "Account and click on "Properties." You can then enter "465" in the "Outgoing Mail" box. " In the "Servers" tab, check the box indicating that it requires authentication and enter the username and password for the Gmail account. Click "OK" to apply and test.

At times, Gmail can be difficult to access at work or any other location that puts restrictions on Internet usage. Therefore, if you want to access your Gmail, there are many ways to bypass the restrictions. One such way is through proxy servers. Given above were a few steps through which you can set up the Gmail Proxy server. However, before you set up a proxy server, you need to first determine if you really need a proxy server because sometimes you can bypass using a proxy typing in a different URL on your browser's address bar.

After this, you can identify your email client from the list and use the instructions to set up your email on the client. You can also access your Gmail account by using Google Desktop by downloading the application. This can help you to bypass workplace restrictions and you need not use a separate proxy. Also, as the proxies may not be affiliated with Google, drawbacks like pop-ups may arise which might trouble you. Therefore, you can also search the internet for other web-based proxies, and you can get your Gmail by browsing the internet through Google Translate, Google Web Toolkit etc.