Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How to quickly prepare resumes for multiple jobs with a resume builder

Resume builders can quickly and easily help you create and tailor your resume for multiple jobs. Find out how they work now in our quick explainer guide.

When you’re hunting for your next job your resume needs to be expertly tailored to each position you target. That sounds like time-consuming work, doesn’t it? Yet, there are ways to make this task much easier.

Technology has thankfully stepped up to make the whole process much simpler because of online tools such as resume builders. This helpful application takes the difficulty out of designing and optimizing your template and allows users to add the most important details that hiring managers will want to see.

Resume builders hold the key to making life easier when job searching whether you’re creating your very first file or you just want to quickly and easily adjust your template fast. But how does it all work and how can these tools help you customize your document for different jobs? We explain all below.

What is a resume builder?

A resume builder is a web tool that can assist you in creating and optimizing your resume. It helps users create the perfect profile in an easy step-by-step format. This allows job searchers to save time and avoid easily made mistakes when preparing their next job application.

How do you use a resume builder?

To create your own resume in a resume builder, you’ll be guided through the whole process from start to finish. You begin by choosing a professional design that suits your profile and then the assistant software helps you fill in the most important information necessary as you continue along the way.

Step 1: Choose your design

First of all, you need to choose a design that works for you. The templates found in resume builders are prepared and structured so that the most important details of your profile get the most attention.

They are also specially constructed so they don’t cause any bugs when going through applicant tracking systems (ATS). That way you won’t get rejected by the recruiter for improper formatting.

Around 98% of Fortune 500 companies use these screening systems. Therefore this is an important consideration when you are sending your final file to a company. 

Step 2: Enter your details

Now that the template is set up you’ll need to add your professional and personal data to the file. The next step of the process will take you through that.

Starting with the most important details - your personal information - and working up, you’ll gradually build a strong resume that answers all the questions that recruiters need to know the answers to.

The tool helps you add modules for your work experience, skills, and education, as well as any other optional extra sections that allow you to make a difference in your job search. These are all organized to make the best use of space on the page and to quickly get the attention of the hiring manager reading your resume.

Step 3: Download and send

When you’re happy with your design and you’ve tailored the information to the role you’re targeting, your completed document can be downloaded and sent. Resume builders allow you to get your finished file in a mix of formats that work best with ATS such as PDF and txt files so your application will pass easily through any screening software.

How to customize your resume

The great thing about a resume builder is that once you’ve designed and tweaked your first resume you can go back and easily make changes. All you need to do is re-enter the resume builder software, select your file, and edit.

You can able to make alterations simply by clicking on the section you want to adjust and adding the alterations needed. This can help you quickly reorganize the skills you want to prioritize, rewrite your resume summary or resume objective for a specific opportunity or to add or remove a job from your work experience.

This allows you to get the best results from whatever job you apply for.

Why to tailor your resume for each position

Whilst a resume is specifically focused on you it’s ultimately not for you, it’s for the company. Therefore each recruiter who reads your file is going to be thinking about whether you fit their specific criteria or not.

On average, recruiters spend less than 1 minute reading a resume, so if you don’t catch their eye quickly you won’t make the cut.

Therefore it’s vital that your resume fits precisely what they want to see. A generic resume that broadly suits the industry you’re targeting but not the job won’t do in this case.

It’s understandable why many job seekers skip this process as it’s time-consuming. Yet just sending out a boilerplate document that isn’t specially optimized means they’re ultimately missing out on positions by doing so. 

However, using a resume builder is a great way to save time and create a perfectly tailored each time you send an application to a recruiter. All this takes is a little research and a quick read of the job advert and you’ll be able to tune up your resume quickly and easily for every different opening. 

A well-prepared resume is your key to moving ahead with your job search and get hired. A resume builder is a great ally to have in this process to make sure you give the best first impression and to get eyeballs on your application fast.