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How to have a Bitcoin Era's demo account?

The crypto market has gone to heights in a very short time.

Today,there is hardly a person who does not know about this digital currency market. The farsighted Investors who invested in this market at the beginning have managed to earn thousands of dollars without doing anything. 

In 2009, no one even had an idea that the currency which is badly neglected by the world would go to a daily $30 billion trading volume. This is nothing less than a miracle and the invention of automated robots is the main reason behind this immense rise.

Bitcoin Era is an AI program that is invented with the aim to assist traders and investors in earning huge profits. This platform has gained popularity in a very short time and the number of investors trading through this platform is increasing quickly due to the high accuracy. Almost 90% of trading signals generated by this platform result in a confirmed profit. 

How to install the Bitcoin Era app?

Bitcoin Era is a platform that can only be accessed through internet browsers. There is no need to download this app to your device to start trading. The platform has not announced its policy about the Bitcoin Era mobile app yet. 

However, this platform is compatible with any kind of device which has an internet browser. 

There is no need to have a device with certain specs to start your trading account with Bitcoin Era. 

How to have a Bitcoin Era's demo account?

Bitcoin Era has all the needed features a transfer can ever imagine using for perfect trading. The platform is fully loaded with different AI tools and complex algorithms to solve market patterns and generate predicted signals in real time. 

To increase its trader's trading skills, the platform has also launched a demo account feature as well. This feature allows its users to check their trading skills and the accuracy of the strategies they want to apply in the real trading world with the help of virtual money. In this way, they can try different strategies without losing their money and can add more value to their trading skills. 

As far as the question of how to have a Bitcoin Era demo account is concerned, follow the procedure mentioned below to have it. 


To get a demo account, you must have a registered account first. If you do not have it yet, don't worry because you can have it within 10 minutes without any trouble.

To do this, fill out the form available at the main page of the official website of Bitcoin Era. This would be the simplest form to fill and you will fill it in less than 2 minutes.

Generate a strong password to protect your account, transaction history, and invested money from outsiders. 

Click on the pop-up button at the bottom of the form and let the platform verify your details.

An activation email would be received at your registered email within a few minutes.


After account activation, you can transfer money into your account vault. You can choose between several banks and money transfer services to do this task. The money will be shifted to your vault within seconds and there you do not have to wait long for the verification process.

But keep one thing in mind you cannot transfer money less than $250, nor you can get access to any feature of Bitcoin Era if your remaining account balance is less than this figure. This is the least amount you should have to maintain to make your account run.

Demo account

Now is the time to get the best ever feature made by Bitcoin Era. After receiving the minimal $250 in the vault, the Bitcoin Era will give you access to all its features. You can select a demo account to have a trial of your skills. 

This is short-time access and after the expiry, you would have to go to love trading season so that you can add profits to your vault.

The demo account is the best feature for beginners as they can learn the crypto market without risking their money. This would also help beginners to learn about the market volatility, the claimed accuracy of the platform, and how to customize the settings to earn a maximum profit according to current market situations.