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How to get work experience relevant specialty as a student

Having a degree doesn’t guarantee a job for you. You didn’t expect to read this, did you?

Nevertheless, you have to keep this statement in mind before applying for a job. Nowadays, the most valuable thing for any recruiter is work experience. We guess there’s no need to explain the question ‘why is experience important?’ and what kind of work experience benefits one might have. This is simply for the reason that any employer wants to work with a confident person, has practical skills and can make the right decisions. Unfortunately, you can’t gain all these qualities just by graduating from university.

We are not saying that the university is useless. On the contrary, it gives you a lot of knowledge and skills, but not all of them are applicable in the real working environment. Just think – what would be more beneficial for the potential employer: your extraordinary skills to look for the best and cheapest essay writing service or some practical knowledge you can apply in the real working situation? Definitely, the last one is much more attractive. Nowadays it’s better for the employer to order the cheapest essay online using the appropriate service than get someone a job exactly for writing such papers once in a while. So, what are the benefits of work experience for school students and how can they gain it while still studying?

First of all, we can divide the benefits to personal and professional (both from your side and the side of the employer).

Personal benefits

  • You get an opportunity to find out if the chosen career path corresponds your expectations. Indeed, you may be fascinated with a thought of working for an international company as a manager, for instance. However, once you try it out, it can dawn on you that you were wrong and this is not your calling. Alternatively, vice versa, you'll make sure once more that this is your dream job!
  • You'll be able to learn and develop soft skills to a much bigger extent than at university. Only by finding yourself in the heart of the work life, you will be able to learn how to communicate truly, compromise, solve problems under stress and manage time, etc.
  • You might be surprised discovering new or hidden abilities of yours. Only at the workplace, you realize the full potential of you as a future specialist.
  • You learn how to make independent decisions, which means you are a self-reliable person. It's a precious skill that will be noticed by a recruiter.
  • This is a great transitioning tool for students as they change the usual academic environment to the new atmosphere of the working culture (especially if it's a big corporation).
  • Last but not least, you grow as a specialist as there is a perfect opportunity to put the knowledge and skills you have into practice and enhance them greatly still being at university. For instance, some cheap essay service writers successfully combine studying and working.

As to your side, they are closely tied with the personal benefits that we already mentioned. So, here it's better to find oneself in the shoes of the recruiter/potential employer.


Professional pros

They expect you to have several qualities, which can be widened to the following categories:

  • Self-trust skills: you already know how important this is. Are you self-aware, knowing where your strong sides are? Do you organize yourself and prioritize through rearranging duties to complete the tasks? If the answer is yes, they will love you.
  • People skills: you'd better be a pro in interpersonal skills. Can you interact productively? Can you engage in company activities; can you sometimes take the role of a leader?
  • General skills: those skills that could be used in any situation and across all sectors. Can you demonstrate adaptability? Are you a dilemma solver? Don’t neglect your IT abilities.
  • Expert skills: these are often achieved throughout your studies, such as subject-specific expertise or specialized skills. Do you have a background or perception of how a particular organization is structured or how it sustains commercially? You know for sure now how you can obtain these.

Now, when the importance of having experience before actually having a career is more than clear, the next question appears. "How can I get it?’ It's not as easy as to find information to the request ‘essay writer cheap!’ you might think. Fortunately, there are quite a few options you can have to include in your CV later.

Some tips for writing your resume

  • Extracurricular projects. Being a member of a sports team or another club such as an art club or a band. Any kind of involvement can do well for your skill enhancement.
  • Volunteering and fundraising. There are piles of volunteering events out there. You could walk dogs for an animal charity, volunteer as a local assistant in a gift shop, help with rustic preservation projects, raise funds or support young impaired people on activity days. The list is endless indeed, and you can find something in the field of your interest.
  • Part-time jobs. A part-time job such as assisting in a shop gives you client help and time management skills and props to expand your business awareness. Doing a paper round or babysitting calls for responsibility and flexibility. Any job of your choice will add up points to your list in the eyes of employers.
  • Personal projects. If you’ve designed and made something on your own, like a website or a blog, you will be seen as a creative person and a problem-solver.

These are only some ways, but we want them to be solely the ground for your own creativity. You are armed with the precious knowledge now, so use it wisely. Good luck in gaining professional experience!