Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How to build a social media strategy that guarantees success in 2023!

Using social media to market your business has the potential to bring you the greatest results - but only with the right strategy!

It's 2023, and time to take action implementing those goals you've set! Is this the year you double your revenue? Launch a new product or service? Grow your team?... Whatever it is, using social media has the potential to bring you the greatest results - but only with the right strategy!

Who is this for?

Businesses who want to stand out on social media for the right reasons and generate leads that will grow their business in 2023!

What will we cover?

The core elements of a successful social media marketing strategy that is designed to bring results

Tactics that will allow you to create even more results from social media while spending less time creating content.

Current trends that are increasing results for our clients across all social media channels and the expected trends you can leverage in 2023.

What will I achieve from joining this live session?

After watching, and more importantly, taking action on what we'll share with you, you'll achieve the following:

  • You will have a clear idea of what your 2023 social media marketing strategy should include
  • You will feel confident with the knowledge that you gain and have practical steps for what to implement next
  • You will have certainty over your ability to generate leads from social media and know what to do in order to improve on your 2022 results

Meet Your Presenter - Christina Robinson!

Christina is the employee turned business owner who has been gifted the title of Entrepreneur by her peers - and digital overlord by many of her marketing mentees!

She’s a blogger, podcaster, public speaker, and winner of multiple awards; and as the proud leader of Green Umbrella Marketing, a successful UK based digital marketing agency, Christina is an all-round font of wisdom when it comes to implementing marketing strategies that work.

Known for her cool, calm approach to all things social media, her audiences leave with practical marketing strategies and tactics that can be implemented immediately. Christina has a no-nonsense approach and will tell you how it is when it comes to marketing.

“In today’s world, it doesn’t matter how big or small your marketing budget is. You can represent one of the biggest names in your niche, or an unknown start up - the tools are just as accessible. You just need to know how to use them.”