Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How To Audit Your Best Staff To Make Better Recruitment Choices

So you want to recruit a new member of staff - some for your sales team, marketing team or customer services team or another department


You already have some great staff doing the job and you would like some more like them.  But what is it exactly about your best performers which make them your best performers? 

What traits or skills do they have that make them more productive than others?

How can you measure those skills and then apply them to your next round of staff recruitment?

Recruitment Assessment believes strongly that you can make better recruiting decisions by really understanding what makes you best staff great.  In other words you can make better decisions by auditing the skills of your best performers and then go out and recruit people with similar skills.

Recruitment Assessment is able to help you by looking at individual performance and also compare it against the rest of the team – objectively and accurately.  See our sample report.

By using Recruitment Assessment tools to audit existing staff and help recruit better candidates you truly have an incredibly cost effective solution to improve your recruitment and productivity.

Leadership and Sales are just two areas that can benefit from a Team Comparison to role in recruitment can help you identify candidates that fit irrespective of their education or social background.  You can download our sample report here.  Or give us call for an informal chat on 0845 8400123.