Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How Technology Can Help with the Recruiting Process

Today, you can find an array of digital tools to help you streamline the hiring process.

You might have heard of tracking systems to keep track of applicants to a new position. But what about de-biasing software or chatbots designed specifically for recruitment? Today, you can find an array of digital tools to help you streamline the hiring process. While many companies already use applicant tracking systems, the biggest ones also use an array of tools like recruiting software and artificial intelligence (AI). That helps them quickly sift out the best talent while reducing the pool of applicants.

Video Interviews

Many applicants are from distant areas, and video interviews make sense for getting a feel for the candidate. And with the pandemic, video interviews are even more appealing. Some programs integrate psychology into their analyses, and others offer text messaging and scheduling help. But even if you’re sticking with a simple program, you might want to look into doing a Zoom meeting transcription. It can help you automate the recruiting process since you can easily look over the transcription later to determine which applicants have the most potential. That way, you can easily sort through your responses and decide who you want to set up an in-person meeting with. That can increase your productivity.


Many candidates are interested in interacting with artificial intelligence to answer initial questions when applying or to schedule an interview. Chatbots can save you time with scheduling and screening potential employees. They can add value since artificial intelligence can make decisions faster than many humans can. Just remember to use them the right way. Humans are still needed for the recruitment process, and the right balance between automating the process and having enough interaction will differ depending on the company. It should satisfy the recruiter, candidate, and employer. When considering chatbots, consider whether it helps the candidate and you make good decisions. Chatbots and artificial intelligence aren't designed to entirely replace recruiters. Instead, hiring managers and recruiters can use this technology to do their jobs more efficiently. It can make the job more satisfying while improving productivity and efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence

While you might not initially understand the importance of AI, it is being used more in recruiting. It’s especially helpful with some of the most repetitive tasks, such as screening each candidate’s cover letter. Some programs can look for candidates on social media sites. You can also use this technology to look for applicants who match your criteria. For instance, you might be looking for someone who has several years of experience in a leadership position, and AI can filter out the resumes that do not mention this experience.

De-Biasing Software

Today, it’s increasingly important to have a culturally diverse office, and that begins when you’re taking on new employees. Many software companies are creating de-biasing programs to help you remain objective during the process. Even if you don’t think you're biased, these programs let you remove gender, age, socioeconomic, and educational background out of your applicants’ resumes. That way, you can focus more on what each person brings to the table.