Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How SMS Marketers Can Increase Your Business’ Chances Of Making A Sale

If your business is seeking innovative and modern means of contacting potential customers and retaining loyal clients, you should look into SMS marketing.

This is the new and improved email marketing strategy and targets recipients’ text message folders, rather than their often ignored email inboxes. Texts are far more likely to be read than emails, so this strategy has a higher chance of leading to a sale. Read on for more information about how to get text message subscribers.

The SMS Marketing Strategy

There are two kinds of text messages you will send once you set up a text messaging service for your business. These are marketing texts and transaction texts. Marketing texts are the messages your marketing team will use to promote your brand, products, or services. While transactional texts are critical to your company’s operations. These will include order confirmations, delivery updates and password reset security codes.

SMS marketing is so successful in the modern age of technology because text messages are familiar to every person who owns a mobile phone. That means 97% of Americans and 7.10 billion people worldwide are reachable via text message marketing.

Moreover, text messages are opened nearly 99% of the time. This makes SMS marketing more efficient and reliable than the more old-school email marketing campaigns. Especially in recent years, the popularity of email has declined somewhat and emails now will often go ignored or get lost in the junk folder. SMS messages have high engagement rates compared to email as well, and people are more likely to interact and respond to texts than other channels.

Getting Subscribers

The first thing to note is that your business is legally obliged to gain recipients’ permission before your marketing team can send promotional SMS messages to customers’ mobile devices. A great way to encourage people to sign up for text subscriptions is to encourage your target audience to text a number if they would like to sign up. The use of flyers, adverts, and your website will be crucial in ensuring customers have access to this information.

The advertisements could read something like this: Do you want to receive special offers and discount codes for our services? Text YES to 12345 to opt-in to our text message marketing. You can opt out easily at any time.

While transactional text messages, like shipping confirmations and appointment reminders, do not legally require a recipient’s express permission to send, these texts often fall into the scope of marketing and can indirectly help to improve customer satisfaction.

Low-Cost Text Subscription Services

The first thing you need to do if you want to get started with SMS marketing for your business is to choose a provider that offers all the text message marketing tools your company requires. Remember that different providers will offer various services at differing costs, so you should do your research before committing to one provider. Services include mass texting, automation features, personalization, an intuitive interface, and the ability to integrate with third-party apps, in case you want to integrate SMS with your existing systems.

Moreover, you should check out your potential provider's message delivery rate, all of the global regions their services cover, and their support team. This last point is a major consideration because if something goes wrong, you will want the problem to be dealt with promptly and professionally.

Providers like Masenette provide great levels of support that include talking to a real person, as well as a super-fast setup process. They also offer a quick start guide that means a developer will be able to add Messente's SMS marketing tools to your existing systems in less than a day.

Sales, Discounts, and Offers

When your business is having a flash sale and has discounted services or products you should utilize your SMS marketing strategy to spread the word to your subscribers.

You can also offer loyalty points and offers to customers who repeatedly use your service via your automated text messages. This is an increasingly popular marketing strategy and customers are growing to expect this level of customer care when they show loyalty to a company.

This has been a simple guide to the benefits of SMS marketing strategies and how to get subscribers. Text message marketing is a new and innovative way of reaching out to customers and encouraging them to make a purchase. You can offer sales and discounts to further entice customers to use your services. Remember that you need to get recipients’ permission to send promotional messages to their phones.