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How much will the Biticodes app cost me?

The crypto market is quickly converting to AI bots

Almost ⅓ of the Total traders have been converted to this mode of trading already, the rest are also moving to such platforms very fast. The reason is, the crypto market is decentralized which makes it the most volatile trading marketplace in the world. There is no security for the investment for anyone, no matter a beginner or a pro trader. A little deflection in the market results in a loss of millions of dollars and thus beginners always hesitate to invest in it.

Automated trading platforms have made it very simple for traders to invest money and collect profits regularly. After this invention, the number of crypto traders has increased a lot, resulting in a daily $30 billion trading volume. Now, anyone without an experience in crypto trading can make money and enjoy the status of financial freedom. 

There are dozens of other online platforms available too, which makes it very difficult to find the best and most reliable one. That is why we researched for a long time and have found that Biticodes is the best online trading platform that has an accuracy rate of 90%. The platform is backed by a set of All tools and complex algorithms that predict accurate trading signals after deep data analysis. The high accuracy claimed by the platform shows that you will always be in a queue to earn handsome money at the end of the trading season.

How much will the Biticodes app cost me?

The Biticodes app has aim to support its partner traders with the help of advanced technologies. The platform has succeeded a lot in it and is still making crypto trading easier for beginners.

Apparently, Biticodes is a free-to-use app that has no hidden charges as well. There is no fee or hidden charges imposed by the platform at any time. From registration to withdrawal and from account activation to service, everything is free to access.  

This makes Biticodes a cost-effective online crypto trading platform.  

How to start cryo trading with the Biticodes app?

If you want to start crypto trading with the Biticodes app, you will not have to wait for long to be in the market. The platform has the fastest signup process in the world, no doubt.

For this task, go to the website of Biticodes and fill up the form available on the front page. There you just need to put some basic information such as name, country, contact number, email address, etc. At the end make a password so that no one can access your account details and transaction history. 

Wait for a while and let the Biticodes verify the given details. The platform will send an activation email to the given email address.

After account activation, the time to feed it with funds has come. The platform has introduced multiple money transfer service options for the assistance of traders. You can choose the best and easily accessible from a long list. A minimum amount of $250 will be accepted only. The amount below this will not be entertained and you will not be able to get access to the crypto market if you have an account balance of less than $250.

The . money transfer process is too quick and does not require verification at all. The amount will be transferred to your vault instantly and will be available for trading. 

Now you can use this money to buy crypto and earn profit by selling them. 

For educational purposes, Biticodes has also a demo account feature that enables its users to learn about the market by trading practically. This account is a must-needed thing for traders, whether no matter beginners or expert. For beginners, it is a school to teach them the basics of the crypto market. And for expert traders, it is a ground where they can apply different new strategies and check whether these would work in the real market or not. Every trader having at least $250 in his account can access this demo account at any time. The demo account would be automatically expired after the given timeline.