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How Drover resolved its recruitment conundrum with Tempo

Drover tried traditional recruitment agencies, but they were ineffective at filling vacancies at the speed they required. So, they turned to Tempo, the AI enabled recruitment platform


Launched in January 2016, Drover offers drivers a new alternative to ownership, with their flexible monthly car subscriptions. Included is a car, insurance, maintenance, tax and breakdown cover. Drover allow people to swap, upgrade, downgrade or cancel their car, without any long-term commitment or steep upfront payments.

The company has handled tens of thousands of subscriptions since its launch and
continues to grow at a rapid rate.

“As a growing startup, we need complete flexibility. There are weeks where the business grows by more than 20%. If we don’t have enough people to meet demand, holes could start appearing and service could suffer”, says Thomas Hanks, Head of Growth at Drover.

But the vision of instantly scaling their team with demand was far from the reality. Drover used traditional recruitment companies to try and fill vacancies, without great success. “It was taking us weeks to fill roles. It wasn’t just holding us back, but stifling any growth”, says Hanks.

“None of the agencies we used understood our needs or the pressure we were under. They frequently passed on candidates that were clearly not right, for instance, some were not immediately available or lacked any experience. Honestly, we felt they didn’t have our best interests at heart. It felt like they were just trying to offload candidates without considering our business”, he added.


To solve their hiring dilemma, Drover turned to Tempo. Tempo uses AI technology to match vacancies with expertise, instantly creating a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for employers to view. Employers are then able to manage the entire recruitment process in the platform, entirely cutting out third party involvement.

“When we started looking at recruitment, our main driver was speed - we needed to cut the hire time down substantially. But after discussions with Tempo, we realised we could have end-to-end control of the whole process. This meant we could select the candidates we liked from the off, which greatly improved the interview to hire ratio. Tempo was the only solution that could give us the quality of candidate we were after, in the time frame we needed”, says Hanks.

Not only could Tempo answer Drovers’ main challenges, but they drove cost-savings and freed up senior management’s time. The intuitive solution empowered to senior team to make quick informed decisions.


The impact of the Tempo platform on the business has been immediate and transformative. The senior team can now hire quickly and efficiently, while the platform supports the business so it does not lose out on revenue and can deliver the best standard of customer experience.

“Filling short-term roles used to be a job in itself. I could quite literally spend two days interviewing and have nothing to show for it. I was desperate to make a hire, but the process was making it so difficult – it was a very frustrating situation to be in”, says Hanks. “It’s not very often you find a way to get time back in a start-up, but Tempo has given us that.”

Over 20 temporary hires have been made through Tempo, with five becoming permanent. “When we first started using the platform we were a bit sceptical, but the quality has been incredible. Being able to select the candidate you want, means that you have complete control from the off and can select the people you think would fit. Ultimately, we know the business better than a recruiter ever will and Tempo lets us decide the candidates we like.”

Drover is planning to take on more people through Tempo. “I simply cannot foresee a time when we don’t use Tempo in one form or another. If we ever need to fill a position quickly, it’s the first place we turn to. It’s been invaluable to where we are now and will be in the future.”

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