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How do I access advanced settings on Instagram?

Instagram is a place for pupils; where they can have a fun time, business time, explore, and much more. Apart from fun and scrolling, the Instagram app has emerged as a brand and personal portfolio for many artists and intellectuals as well.

Since it is being used by every age group, its settings are supposed to be simple and easy to understand, and so they are.

You may have noticed that the Instagram app has a game of pictures, IG videos, and a newly emerging trend of reels for you to engage with followers.You may require IG followers for better recognition, go simply buy Instagram followers.

Instagram settings to upload a picture, video or reel are in every hand, then what are the hidden Instagram account settings or hidden advanced features that might only a few Instagram users know?

From here on, we will cover what advanced settings on the Instagram app are, what does it do, where to find it, and how does it work?

Advanced settings on the Instagram app

Advanced Instagram settings on any public website or application on social media are the type of settings that are not essentially required by every user, but only a certain ratio of its users may require and use this type of setting.

The same is with advanced settings on the Instagram app. These are the set of settings on Instagram profile that might only people that require these might be interested in using. We will discuss who are potential users of these settings in a while.

Who Are Potential Users of Advanced Settings on Instagram?

The advanced settings on Instagram are mostly used by users having business account. The following type of users are more likely to use these for mentioned purposes;


It includes artists around the globe that may include actors, models, make-up artists, photographers, and tons more. They use Instagram to receive electronic communications, and most probably for their digital portfolio.

It helps them to find their work and the representation of their art as well through the latest technology.

How Do Artists Use Advanced Settings on Instagram?

These people mostly use advanced settings on Instagram for managing and hiding their comments and likes. We know Instagram is a place of fun. It is also a great place for criticism. If you need extra likes to make Instagram followers jelaous about you, buy Instagram likes.

The critics and trollers sometimes use abusive language and mean comments on artists' posts, which is undoubtedly a mean act to hurt someone's sentiments, but since there is freedom of speech for everyone, nobody can stop this. That is why artists sometimes use disabling comment features.

Another very important requirement for using advanced settings on Instagram is to add partnership or sponsorship labels to their posts.

Where to Find Advanced Settings on The Instagram App?

Some of the Instagram settings can be difficult to find on Instagram profiles, like Advanced Settings. Has anyone ever wondered why they couldn't access Advanced Settings? I'll tell you the easiest way to access Instagram's advanced configurations. I’ll tell you one more secret as well, visit 1394ta for advanced Instagram services.

This is the most frequently asked question among potential users of these advanced settings on the Instagram app. Because some say that you can find advanced settings on Instagram by following these steps;

Find the Instagram app

Then you have to install Instagram for it to work properly. The Instagram app has been released across a range of platforms with simple interfaces. Open the application and choose “Setups”.

You will need to find “Account”. This option requires clicking on “Advanced Settings”. You can change the settings on the account. Or in another way you can simply follow the steps mentioned below;

1. Open Instagram and log in to your Instagram account from the desktop or Instagram mobile app

2. On your profile page, go to the upper right corner of the screen and tap settings

3. Among settings, you will see Advanced Settings, and here it is!

It is undoubtedly very simple, but the thing is this feature of advanced settings on Instagram is not available directly to most of the users on Instagram and may only be available on the latest version. I tell you the alternative method to find it for other users.

An alternative way to get advanced settings on Instagram

1. Go to your profile on your mobile device.

2. Go to add a picture or add a new post option on the app represented by plus.

3. Choose a photo by camera roll, reel, or whatever you want to be used as Instagram post.

4. Now click the proceeding by pressing the arrow on your phone's screen.

5. Nowhere does the option come at the bottom of advanced settings. Click it.

You have found the advanced settings on Instagram.

Is there an Advanced Setting for High-Quality Photos?

Instagram doesn't allow the adjustment of image quality. For photos uploaded through Instagram, the image resolution cannot match the image you uploaded originally.

Instagram compresses the photos at a lower resolution than the original photos. Instagram tries in its best efforts to post photos with amazingly high quality.

Exploring advanced settings on Instagram

Now that you have found advanced settings on Instagram, now it is time to see what these settings are for? As you open the advanced settings menu, you see a list of menus opening up right in front of you.

Hide likes and view counts on this post

The easiest means of hiding is simply clicking the toggle button. Upon selecting this option, only the pictures you'll see are displayed. It makes other users not able to see how many views a video has, or view counts on recent posts.

How do Instagram users adjust their post counts and other details? This is a great way to increase the visibility on Instagram and improve search engine visibility. You can edit your post histories or create a monthly report which shows all of your post histories.

Likes and views on your post depending on how perfectly you are using an Instagram algorithm. That's a separate discussion. Hiding likes and view count on your specific posts is your requirement.

If you do not want your followers and friends to see how many Instagram posts or image likes and views you have, you may select this option. If you want to be seen by many followers, try to buy Instagram views as well.

Keeping this setting on your posts will not allow the audience to see likes and view counts on your posts. But you can still see your likes and view counts on a particular post by utilizing the insights option available on a business account and personal accounts. This feature is equally available for high-quality photos or a photo with lower resolution.

Instagram Comments

The second option you see on advanced settings is comments. Instagram by default allows comments on every post except a profile picture. So, this allows you to turn off or disable comments on a particular post. You can apply this to every post on which you do not want the audience to comment.

We see many celebrities are already using this feature. Also, you can change this afterward by clicking the 2 dots option on the top of the menu of an Instagram recent post.

Preferences on Instagram

It allows your Instagram post to be auto-shared on your social accounts like Facebook if you wish so. People having business accounts are preferably more using this, it enables them to post the same thing on their Facebook page as well.

Your shared post can be viewed only by your Facebook friends. If they share the link with a business account, your posting will share that link with others following you.

So, it is a very good time-saver in that term.

Accessibility or Alt Texts

Does it mean who can have access to see your posts? Yes, In the accessibility option, here comes the option of alt text that enables you to describe your Instagram photos to visually impaired people.

Alt texts are descriptions of photographs added by visually impaired users. You may upload your image on Instagram.

You can simply allow this to be done by Instagram automatically, or you can also describe it by yourself. This is a friendly gesture of harmony with visually impaired people, and we must appreciate anyone who uses it.

Branded Content of Instagram photo or Instagram post

This enables you to add a partnership label to your Instagram post. This is very helpful for influencers, artists, and celebrities who use paid partnership labels to distinguish and give credit to their brands.

We know sponsorship is a new way of running ads on Instagram, and branded content features of advanced settings are effectively carried out on Instagram.

Is It Helpful To Use This Feature?

It depends on users' needs and preferences, and on how you want to display your Instagram post on your Instagram feed. For users with a personal account, it is an effective Instagram account setting. Because they can adjust how their posts look on home screen.

If they want to use the Instagram privacy by enabling the comment off feature, and for users with social account settings, it is a bit more effective as they can;

1. Hide likes and views

2. Turn off comments

3. Can share their Instagram photo or Instagram post on Facebook

4. Can give accessibility to understand content to visually impaired people

5. Tag people

In a Nutshell

So, we have covered in the above discussion where to find advanced settings on Instagram, how to enable them and how these settings are beneficial for Instagram users.

In the end, I would say that it is an intellectual step by Instagram officials and the team to make Instagram a branded tool that has added value.

Now, it is up to the users how they use these advanced settings on Instagram because no matter whichever feature you use on Instagram; it is all about fun, exploration, and a lot more!