Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How Can Video Conferences Boost Innovation Within Enterprises?

The global nature of today's businesses requires companies to collaborate and communicate effectively to promote innovation. They have to innovate to survive, and pitching in together is a must to innovate efficiently

Businesses can improve new ideas and reduce the errors of communication by introducing technology like Blue Jeans for effective video conference calling for IT.

The availability of tools at low cost and sophisticated equipment along with high bandwidth networks ensure that online meetings are within the reach of every organization. This tech enables managers, sales people, general personnel and IT service professionals to convey information and engage people successfully. Companies can now implement fresh concepts and bring products to market at a much faster rate with better quality. Collaborating over the internet assists in developing better products and aids the entire creative process.

More Time for Creativity

With the advent of cloud based video collaboration tools, it becomes easy and simple to connect with like-minded IT talent around the world. Companies can now allow their staff to have more time to build up their ideas as they can reduce travel costs and time spent in meetings. User-friendly web chats help people discuss possible solutions with their colleagues as well as with customers around the world. It provides more time to develop the possibilities based on various feedback received from clients.

Improved Workflow

Online meetings can improve internal processes. The ability to collaborate in real-time with various people provides input and feedback to make your company’s structures better. It will streamline the tasks and remove any inconsistency and errors in the process. People can quickly identify the problem and resolve it without allowing the problem to develop into a bigger one. It reduces the chances of miscommunication and improves decision-making, which can otherwise be significant bottlenecks in the process of creative thinking.

Faster Innovation

Digital discussions accelerate people’s ability to come up with fresh new concepts. According to an article on the First Post website, collaboration and streamlined communication can increase product development and reduce the time to market. This is the result of brainstorming and leaders can rely on identifying the best ideas and build on them to bring synergy to the best results. Unified communication systems can bring in expertise and exposure to generate new solutions from across the world.

No Barriers

All barriers to creativity are removed, examples of these being language and the hassle of sharing physical documents. Most video communication tools include a translation feature, which can let people from different languages interact with each other and come up with brilliant ideas. This allows companies to explore new markets and become truly global, letting businesses offer personalized services in a cost effective way.

Retaining Talented Employees

These systems help companies keep their most innovative employees by providing them with more incentives to work in a relaxed environment and with flexible office hours. Businesses can also train employees using these platforms so that more employees become innovative when contributing to the enterprise. Video communication enables easier knowledge sharing which can be helpful in this fast-paced market. Knowledge management systems include PowerPoint, pictures, diagrams, and other types of files and programs are all provided by online meeting tech for better problem-solving and creative application. Employees become a value addition and would feel worthy when contributing to the company and the society.

Better Customer Service

Internet-based audiovisual conversations allows for face-to-face communication, which makes delivering customer service easier. Customers can feel satisfied with a person attending to their issues promptly, which gives them a personalized feel to the service. As they can handle the nonverbal communication and develop a rapport with the customer, they can deliver effective customer service and get more engaged with the problems at hand in order to give better solutions. It can make all the difference when trying to make the client a repeat customer and help them become a loyal fan of the company.

Higher Sales Conversion

With the aid of visuals, salespeople will be able to deliver better conversion. Sales people can interact with their prospects better and share the information in more convincing ways using innovative technologies. Sales Force experts estimate that additions to the sales funnel happen when innovative methods like these tools are used, and it was found that even the deal size got bigger as well.

Innovation Bottleneck

Organizations should understand the bottleneck to growth, and the right tools help them talk to their teams. Only when these bottlenecks are removed will new developments arise in the organization making significant changes to the company's bottom line.

Companies would benefit from implementing internet-based discussions to promote out-of-the-box thinking within the organization. They should develop an environment that fosters creativity, diligence, and critical problem solving, as well as encourage employees to try new things and discuss issues more often using these innovative tools.