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Hiring drivers? Here’s why you need to assess them

So, you are looking to hire the best drivers?

Expect stiff competition from other driving recruitment agencies who’re equally committed to finding the most experienced and trained drivers. However, utilising driving tests can help you determine which of the candidates have the right experience, qualifications and regard for safety!

Picking the best drivers

Like every other recruiter, you want amazing candidates to place in temporary and full-time driving roles.

But what qualities constitute a great driver? Should you give preference to only experienced drivers? What about training? And what are the other qualities to look out for when picking the best driver?

You will want an individual who is experienced and knows their way around different types of vehicles. Most importantly, you need someone who understands the importance of vehicle safety protocols and strictly adheres to the rules.

The ideal driving candidate will have the required technical knowledge and is someone who prioritises safety over speed. Punctuality is critical along with flexibility and the ability to follow important directives.

For a driving role, knowledge and training are equally important. Relevant training allows individuals to be well prepared and know what to expect from the job. Experienced drivers know their vehicles well and can handle most situations on the road calmly.

Selecting fully qualified and competent drivers is of utmost importance. Therefore, it is critical to examine and ensure that driving candidates are both experienced and suitably trained for the road. Driving tests can help you find quality candidates.

Recruiters who go the extra mile to provide evidence that their drivers are assessed and found proficient in all these aspects gain an edge over their competitors.

Using driving tests to assess candidate driving skills

Driving recruitment agencies supplying temporary and full-time driving workforce will want to test their candidates to confirm their capability for the role.

There are several skills testing software systems that will help facilitate the assessment.

ISV.Online’s skills tests help recruiters and employees avoid bad hires and make the right choice when it comes to talent, aptitude and personality.

A driving test will involve evaluating candidates’ knowledge about a wide scope of vehicles from light vans to the largest HGV. Our online driving assessments are designed to test an individual on a variety of topics ranging from driving tasks and terminology to safety rules and the latest legislation.

ISV has various categories of driving tests which driving recruitment agencies can use to assess their candidates. Recruiters can pick any of the relevant tests – ADR, Category B or Category C, C1 and CE or Category D, Digital Tachograph, Driver’s Mate, Fork Lift Truck or Lorry Loader.

There are 35 up-to-date questions set in a multiple-choice format in each test. We examine and verify our questions annually to ensure that they are abiding by the most current regulation. Results are available once the candidates complete the test.

Hiring companies use the services of recruitment agencies to quickly find suitable and skilled drivers. It is expected that the research, vetting, and corroboration are carried out to the highest standard.

Our skills testing software is a leading candidate assessment system that works perfectly with our driving recruitment software solution. Voyager Infinity is a great recruiting partner for driver recruitment agencies seeking to quickly place quality drivers of all classes. Additionally, new Infinity clients can use our ISV skills assessment tests free of cost.

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