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HireVue Brings Interview Scheduling and Coordination into the 21st Century with Reschedge Acquisition

Talent Interaction Leader Eases Pain of Scheduling… and Rescheduling…and Rescheduling

HireVue, the leading talent interaction and digital recruiting provider, today announced the acquisition of Reschedge, the world’s most advanced interview coordination software. The unique cloud-based solution’s algorithm automatically crawls through calendars to connect the right people at the most convenient time and place. The Reschedge team will be joining the team at HireVue.

Developed by a former Google engineer and MIT alumnus, Reschedge is a first-of-its-kind solution built specifically for interview coordination. It is pre-integrated with popular calendaring systems like Outlook/Exchange and Google, and functions seamlessly across platforms. Utilizing a sophisticated rules-based algorithm that assesses schedules, location availability, interview priority, and sequencing to automatically find available times and meeting locations, Reschedge simplifies the process and makes coordinating interviews easier than ever.

“We’ve heard from our customers that complex calendaring systems, last minute schedule changes and disparate recruiting tools make interview coordination a nightmare,” said Mark Newman, Founder and CEO of HireVue. “Reschedge frees recruiters from administrative burden, allowing them to spend more time interacting with candidates, accelerating recruiting and delivering a better candidate experience.”

With the acquisition of Reschedge, HireVue customers will be able to leverage its Talent Interaction Platform™ to automatically schedule live video and in-person interviews, as well as onboarding meetings and other talent events.

“Interview scheduling is one of the most complex, mind-numbing, impossible processes to fully automate in recruiting. The variables have detoured solution providers from trying to solve this problem for 20 years, until now,” said Elaine Orler, Chairman and Co-founder of Talent Board and President and Founder of Talent Function Group.  “Reschedge has cracked the code on interview coordination. By managing dynamic calendar invitations, participant preferences, updates/notifications and calendar sync, without involving IT or reconfiguring your ATS, it solves for what might just be the only process in recruiting that had yet to be successfully automated.”

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