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Here's how to make your job application stand out and beat your competition

The job market is competitive, so you need to ensure your application stands out when applying for a job

If you want to land your dream job, you have to learn different strategies to set you apart from your competition. Most people write boring resumes forgetting to add a bit of personality to get the hiring manager's attention. This is a mistake because it is an excellent way of beating your competition who likely have the same qualifications as you. We will look at some of the strategies that will help your job application get recognition from the recruiter.

Mention your website or YouTube channel

Recruiters have many resumes to go through, and most of them want to know what else you have done apart from your formal qualifications. Don't sell yourself short by leaving out information that could potentially get you the job. If you have a personal website, don't forget to include it in the resume. If you have a YouTube channel, make sure to mention it in your job application because these are the things that allow you to stand out and beat the other job applicants.

Creating a personal website is not hard these days because there are many personal website templates that you can use. If you don't have anything in your resume that allows you to stand out, you can consider making one that fits your personality and preferences.

Use your networks instead of 'cold' applications

Networking will get you far in your career, and it will be a huge help when you are looking for a new job. Your network can help you meet hiring managers and recruiters, making your application process so much easier. In some cases, you may not even have to go through the application process, depending on the company's size or structure. When you send an application to someone who knows you, it is likely to get their attention compared to a person they have never met. Therefore, it is vital to build new contacts and stay in touch with your network.

Tailor your resume to match the job.

Before you apply for a job, the first thing you need to do is read through the job description to understand what the company requires. Once you know the requirements, you should customize your resume to match the employer's skills in a candidate. Most employers use an Applicant tracking system to sort through applications, and if you do not have the relevant skills, you are automatically disqualified by the software. The skills are usually considered keywords, so constantly tailor your resume to include all the keywords found in the job description so that your resume stands out.

Video application

This method has proven to be effective because it sets you apart from other job seekers. What you do is you send in a formal job application with your resume and cover letter, then as the last step, you create a 30-60 second video as part of the application. In the video, you can explain why you are interested in the job/company and tell them the value you will be bringing to the company when you get the role.

Don't forget to mention the skills, accomplishments, and past experiences that allow you to stand out in the same video. Also, be sure to send a brief message with your application that lets them know you have attached the link to a video that explains more about your achievements. This extra effort automatically gets your application noticed and gives you an edge over the other applicants.

Languages you speak

It's always a great idea to include a foreign language in your resume if you are good at one. A company may require that one person on the team who has a diverse supply of languages to reach out to international clients. If you are that person, you are very likely to get the job and beat any competition you may have had.

Travel experiences

If you took some time off to travel, don't be afraid to include it in your resume. Travelling opens up your mind and shifts your perspective, and some employers will want to hire you based on this because they want to listen to your ideas. They want to hire someone with a global perspective, so mentioning a trip you took, the skills you learned, and how you can apply them to the job role can help you land the job.


If you want your job application to stand out, you cannot be afraid of putting in a bit more work. The extra effort always pays off and is appreciated by the recruiter who sees you as someone who will bring the same attitude once they hire you.

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