Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Helping recruiters save time and increase candidate engagement with AI

We know that personalization works. When recruiters personalize InMails, they see a 40% increase in acceptance rates. But we know that manually researching each candidate and personalizing every message is nearly impossible to do at scale.

That’s why we’re rolling out AI-assisted messages in LinkedIn Recruiter that will help you save time and engage with the right candidates, faster. Since we launched our Recruiter product in 2008, we have continuously invested in our technology and features to help hirers find the right candidate based on skills, shared values, and how and where people want to work — and we’ve managed the complexity of connecting all of this at scale by using AI. Today, we’re going a step further and rolling out AI-assisted messages in Recruiter to help you create personalized messages, so you can save time, increase candidate engagement, and build meaningful connections. This is just the beginning of how we’ll use generative AI to help you hire in Recruiter, and we’re excited to continue building and rolling out new features that will transform the hiring market and help you be even more successful in your job.

Easily craft effective, personalized InMails to maximize candidate engagement

Using AI-assisted messages is easy. Once you’ve selected a candidate in Recruiter, all you have to do is click the button that says “draft personalized message” and a unique and personalized message will be crafted for you to review, edit, and send. You can also further customize the message by selecting additional fields like job location, skills, and workplace type, and the message will be updated for you with more details based on your preferences. How does it work? Using our own LinkedIn in-house generative AI model trained on successful InMails, we use the information from the candidate’s profile, job description, and the recruiter’s company to draft a highly personalized message to get the conversation started. We’re starting to roll out AI-assisted messages in Recruiter today to a handful of customers in the United States and Europe in English, and we’ll roll it out more broadly starting in June.

Efficiently hire the right candidates with Recruiter

Though generative AI is the new and exciting technology that everyone is talking about today, we’ve used AI to help hirers find qualified candidates fast for years — whether it’s through job recommendations for our members or recommended matches in LinkedIn Recruiter. Most recently, we’ve used AI to update our recommended matches feature so that you can see real time personalized recommendations based on your hiring activities, candidates’ job seeking activities, and key information from your job posts, helping you to discover up to 10% more new and qualified candidates that you’re less likely to find on your own. And we’ve found that if you use recommended matches — rather than Recruiter Search alone — candidates are 35% more likely to accept your InMails. "As a global employer with a priority on inclusivity and being data-driven, we find Recruiter essential for sourcing and hiring top talent that drives our business forward. Thomson Reuters needs a solution that can help us discover candidates with the skills, experience, values, and work preferences that would make them a great near and long-term match. Recruiter is exactly that, and that's why we've been using it for over eight years to great effect," said April Samulewicz, Vice President, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Thomson Reuters. We’ve also used AI to make skills a central component of LinkedIn Recruiter, so you can find and hire candidates based on their skills as opposed to work experience or where they went to school. We’ve recently launched things like Skills Match so that you can see a candidate’s skills within Recruiter and determine if the candidate is a match to the job you’re recruiting for, as well as Resume Search, which pulls relevant skills from a candidate’s resume and displays it in the Skills Match section of the candidate’s profile in Recruiter. "Demand for the right skills is high and it’s critical that we find top talent globally across every function to support our business and customers. With Recruiter’s search capabilities, including their Recommended Matches feature, our recruiting team at Taboola is able to quickly find and hire the right talent to support the changing needs of our business," said Brett Underhill, Director, Head of Global Talent Acquisition and Learning and Development, at Taboola. These are just a few of the ways we’re using AI to power our products to help you find and hire the best possible candidates quickly, so you can focus your energy on the most strategic elements of your role — like speaking to and building relationships with candidates. This is what we’re focused on, day in and day out — stay tuned for what’s to come.