Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Getting the Right Business Etiquette When Using Video Conferencing

Using video conferencing like Zoom has become second nature since the lockdown measures for covid started in March 2020.

The days of having a sit down meeting are becoming a thing of the past and even though restrictions have eased, people have adjusted themselves to working from home and jumping on a zoom call to have a business meeting.

Using video conferencing is a huge timesaver. After all, you don’t have to journey to the meeting or print stuff off because you can share screens or share files online. You can also jump on or off a call if you need to, rather than sit in a meeting for an hour just because someone has made the journey.

But although you are sitting in the comfort of your home, when engaging with clients, you are still technically in the workplace and having a meeting through a video conference still requires a certain level of business etiquette - and we give some top tips below.

Wearing the right clothes

A popular trick has been wearing casual clothing at home but quickly popping on a smart shirt or blouse just before a virtual interview

Choosing the right attire is important, since you do not want to come across as too casual, because it might imply that you are not taking the meeting seriously.

Equally, you don’t want to put on a suit and tie, because it will look out of place if you are working from home.

A white or black shirt or top is a safe bet, especially if it has a collar and no branding on it - and this will uphold good standards in a meeting.

Getting the right background

A lot of Britons working remotely are typically working in a spare bedroom, kitchen or living room and trying to make the most of a small space.

Where possible, try avoid having any colourful background behind you when speaking on a conference call. Having any child-related or even family photos can look amateurish.

Guests that feature on the news have made good use of sitting in front of a bookcase to add a level of credibility.

Equally, there are upgraded versions of Zoom, Skype, or Whereby allows you to include a custom background, which is perfect to include your brand name or a generic office look and feel. 

Tidy up the desktop

If you are screensharing any presentations and are going to be showing colleagues or potential clients your screen, it is worth tidying up your desktop.

Having a messy desktop is private but can look very unprofessional and messy to prospective partners.

Creating personal space 

When taking a video conferencing call, you need to create a personal space where you will not be disturbed by any pets, deliveries at the door or children running in on you. 

Some families use cues like closing the door during a meeting or putting up signs so the family knows that they cannot not disturb.

Video meetings are often interrupted and creating a private space for you and your call is essential.

Remember that you’re on camera!

People often forget that they are on camera for the duration of the call. Too many people have been caught rolling their eyes, scratching their faces or picking their noses and this can make a very negative impression. 

If you are prone to the occasional eye roll, just turn off your camera from the start. 

But fixing up your hair, maintaining a good posture and also having the computer at eye level are all good practices for a stellar meeting!