Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Five Types of Swag You Can Give Out at a Trade Show (and Get Your Company Remembered)

Trade shows are fantastic places for finding leads, forging business relationships, and analysing the competition. They are also great marketing opportunities.

You can give away all kinds of swag at a trade show to a large number of people. In turn, that will help you to get your company remembered and increase your sales.

The latter can be achieved because giving out freebies with your brand on the items acts as a great marketing method. When people see your logo, company name, or other branding, your business will be on their radar and your sales can increase.

Therefore, while all kinds of swag can be beneficial for marketing your business, the best kinds of freebies to select are those that will be regularly used. The more your swag is used, the more people will see your brand.

For instance, you could place your branding onto a USB or a pen, which people would use regularly.

You could also place your branding on items like umbrellas that are used in public. When someone walks down the street carrying an umbrella with your company logo and tagline on it, for instance, you receive free advertising.

Just think how many people in a packed street could see your brand when it is on items like umbrellas, T-shirts, and tote bags!

So, swag can certainly help to get your company remembered. But which are the best types of swag to give out at a trade show? 

Here are five ideas you will want to consider.

1. Screen Cleaners 

People do not often purchase screen cleaners, but when they have them in their possession, they use them; especially in this era of being extra cautious about cleanliness.

So, a screen cleaner that features your branding is a great swag item to give out.

2. Bags

As mentioned in the introduction, bags that feature your logo and branding are one of the best types of swag to give out because they will be used and people passing by will see your brand.

It is not only tote bags that you can give out. Consider all kinds of bags, such as backpacks, holdalls, and duffel bags.

Just make sure that the bag is unisex and that your branding stands out.

3. Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are undoubtedly one of the best types of swag for the simple reason that when they are on refrigerator doors, they will be seen every time someone opens the door.

And fridge magnets are not just fun items to place on metallic surfaces. They can also be useful for holding lists of things to do.

Furthermore, fridge magnets are easily customisable and affordable, as you will see when you check out these Custom Magnets.

4. Portable Chargers

Walk around any trade show and you are sure to see people sitting on the floor waiting for their phones to charge and other people trying to find chargers to borrow.

So, portable chargers are undoubtedly one of the best types of free swag you can give out at trade shows; especially if you hand out the portable chargers at the beginning of the show.

Everyone who receives a portable charger is sure to appreciate it and use it. In turn, that means you can easily make your company memorable.

5. Industry-related Items

When you give people an item that is related to your industry, they will associate your company with the item and you are likely to increase your sales.

So, if you supply office stationery, by giving out notebooks, pens, and rulers with your branding on the items, for instance, when companies need to purchase office stationery, they are likely to look up your company.