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First It Career Forum in Italy from jobpilot.it - 08/2000

Jobs& Adverts Italy, the italian subsidiary of Jobs & Adverts Online AG will organize the first IT Career Forum in Italy at the next SMAU (19th-23th Oct. 2000), one of the most important IT trade shows in southern Europe.

During the five days of the trade show some big IT companies (Pirelli, Lucent, AltaVista, Hewlett Packard are among them) will interview candidates in their own booths within the 250 square meters of the Jobs & AdvertsĂ­s stand. The candidates will start applying online for these special positions from 15th September on a special section made on www.jobpilot.it.

Each company partecipating at the event will use a one hour presentation in a special area within the Jobs & AdvertsĂ­s stand to let its managers talking about the career paths and possibilities waiting for the professionals that will join the company.

There will be also a day dedicated to the new graduates and university students (University Day, 21st Oct). Teachers will tell them how to write an effective and working resume and how to face successfully a job interview.