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Expert Panel Calls for Greater Engagement, Better Intelligence and More Virtualisation in Volume Recruitment

Volume recruiters must concentrate on identifying new ways to engage with applicants based on virtual intelligence in order to attract the highest calibre of intakes, a panel of leading HR experts have argued.

Speaking at a breakfast seminar event, organised by e-recruitment specialists WCN, senior representatives from Cammio, Arctic Shores, Alexander Mann Solutions and Idibu stressed the importance of taking a customer-centric approach to volume recruitment - and reacting to the changing demands of Millennial candidates in particular – would be vital to hiring and retaining the best quality intakes in volume drives.

Charles Hipps, WCN CEO, highlighted five key indicators for recruiters to consider in order to stand out and gauge the interest of applicants throughout their application journey:

  • Start early – Get to know talent from an early point e.g. looking at community sites devoted to you sector and student discussion boards.
  • Engage thereafter on an ongoing basis – Keep people attached to your brand across as many touchpoints as possible – maybe portals or mentoring for example.
  • Leverage ambassadors – Realise that people buy into people and hence brand values are a strong indicator for prospective candidates. Resonate through good corporate websites that sell the brand and the working culture associated with the brand.
  • Gather high quality intelligence – Become smarter, ask and provide more feedback. Utilise multimedia techniques to talk to a brand like video interviews which may help to sell brand values and help a candidate determine if you are a good fit for them and vice versa.
  • Become immersive – This helps to keep traction progressing and always keeps the feedback loop running, consistent with the engagement cycle.
  • The event heard from leading industry experts Robert Newry, Managing Director of Arctic Shores and Walter Hueber, CEO & Co-founder of Cammio, who provided insight into how employers can effectively use multimedia formats such as gaming and web-based video interviews to capture candidate personalities and traits in fun and unique ways.

Both technologies, which can be integrated with WCN solutions, offer recruiters access to innovative and social ways of getting to know candidates from an early stage and matching their psychometric traits against the skills and competences listed in a job description.

Newry stated: “"Gamification is a highly engaging way to attract and understand the potential of future hires. A game-based assessment collects over 3,000 data points in just 25 minutes, which is 20 times more than a standard psychometric test. Psychometric games offer more than just rich data though, since they measure real behaviours and the more a candidate is engaged the more the decisions and choices they make in-game reflects their real personality."

Hueber added: “Video interviewing enables employers to see the candidate showcasing their creativity and personality, all before inviting them in for a face-to-face interview which are enormously time-consuming. Footage can be automated or be live-streamed, and allows time-strapped hiring managers to measure language, skills, culture, personality, competence, creativity, energy and organisational fit – with the ability to still incentivise those who do not succeed.”

The WCN events series has been designed to explore the rapidly evolving HR technology landscape and help build understanding of best practice for creating engaging, candidate centric and efficient mechanisms as part of the recruitment process - making large-scale recruiting as meritocratic as possible. For more information on forthcoming events, please visit

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