Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec launches pan-European jobsite

. Ltd.has launched what it claims to be the first truly pan-European jobsite covering all European states (EC and non-EC).

ìUnlike other websites, regards Europe as one entity. All other jobsites comprise of one or more country databases and recruiters are normally required to pay for each country database searched. Candidates have to register in several countries. As a result, finding an employee or a job in Europe becomes a time consuming task involving repetitive activities.

By amalgamating all of Europe into one database, Eurojobs is bringing down the cost of recruiting in Europe quite significantly. makes European job and candidate searching a transparent and less cumbersome activity as it hands control over the complete recruitment process to both candidate and recruiter. Recruiters can place and monitor adverts in multiple countries via a 'one click' system. Candidates can track their applications, check the status and see which companies are interested in their CV. These features are unique to Eurojobs.

We have aimed to make the recruitment process easier to manage and understand. Every stage is marked and reported back to both the candidate and recruiter whilst still providing the level of anonymity required.

There are no costs involved with on-line recruitment via Eurojobs as placing basic adverts and receiving applications is completely free. However free access does not include the use of unique additional services.
These services can be accessed via an annual subscription fee at the launch price of 199 Euros. This incorporates features such as unlimited access to the CV database, unlimited placement of adverts both in time and number, access to a European company database, display of company logo, management of multiple campaigns, candidate selection tools, mail robots, auto messaging and access to word format CV's and candidate photos Employers/recruiters manage the adverts they place on the site without interference from staff at Eurojobs. They can determine duration, manage the text, reveal or hide contact information, add/remove logos and manage the response via the site. Recruiters can even see which candidates are considering applying.

The normal subscription price is 499 Euros per year. The cost of advertising is kept low as the site is effectively managed & maintained by subscribers throughout Europe. Competing websites charge per advert and per country. Those services can cost up to $250 per advert for a period of only weeks, making recruiting in Europe an expensive affair.
The site navigation is currently only available in English. Other European languages will be made available for the navigation during the course of 2003. Job adverts already appear in several European languagesî. Said Managing Director of Eurojobs, Harmen Rijks