Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Employment in the Online Gambling Industry

What if you had the chance to be directly involved in gambling, not as a player, but as a professional?

Due to constant growth, many casino sites online are looking for those willing to work to ensure they operate at a high standard.

So whether you’re thinking of changing careers or you want to make the most of your degree, the iGaming sector is sure to have something worth betting on.

Why work with online gambling?

The reasons for investing in an online gambling-related career depend on what job you get. Some advantages are linked to a particular job, while some others appear across positions.

  • The environment - If you’re a gambling enthusiast, then you needn’t see any extra reason. You’ll be dealing directly with games that you love but from a different angle.

  • Compensation - As we’ll see next, money can be reason enough for anyone to step up and work with online casinos. Some jobs let you get tips that add up and fill your pocket beyond the salary.

  • New people - Depending on what role you play in the industry, you can interact with new and interesting people all the time. Dealers and customer support reps, for example, never have a day similar to the previous one because they are always seeing new faces and meeting new players.

  • Investment in the future - Differently from other industries, iGaming isn’t stagnant at all. The truth is that gambling has always existed, and as time passes it creates new forms to deliver a great experience. So casinos don’t simply grow in numbers, but in ways to let customers play their favourite games, which means more opportunities.

What’s the salary?

So let’s talk about money, the ever-present element of both the gambling world and the job market. Whilst there’s no way to give you a precise number because salaries vary greatly, we’ll see some of them can be quite attractive.

Talented coders and graphic designers can make amazing money without having to move. Behind a site interface, games, apps, etc there are people who develop and test them, so they are the backbone of the iGaming world.

These skilled occupations are the ones that tend to pay best, with salary averages ranging from $30,000 to $90,000. Bear in mind experienced coders and designers can make considerably more than that.

If you’re considering working at a live studio, it’s good to know that the online gambling industry is known to offer high wages to foreigners, especially when the island of Malta is concerned. The Maltese minimum wage is €750, but salaries for those involved in online gambling average €2000.

What are the opportunities?

The jobs you will find in the iGaming sector are many and they accept people from all over the world. Either from your country by moving abroad, you’ll find a position for you.

  • Software developers - Providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming constantly need the talent to work in game developing, because the demand for new slots and table games doesn’t end. That’s great news for professionals who can even work and be paid from a different country.

  • Security experts - Online casinos know the foundation for a reliable site is making sure customers are safe. Security analysts are the ones responsible for achieving that, as they maintain the systems and keep hackers and data leakings at bay.

  • Live dealers - A number of live casinos broadcast their live games from high-end studios, and therefore need people to guide the playing in games like roulette, blackjack, poker and more. Some live sites let dealers get tips as they would in land-based casinos, but they may not be as plentiful. These professionals also have the amazing opportunity to live in gambling havens such as Malta, with unparalleled quality of life.

  • Customer service rep - Have you ever wondered how amazing casino sites are able to deliver 24/7 support? There’s a staff member behind every successfully solved query that gamblers have. These positions may not pay as well as the others, but large casinos have demanded not only for many people but also for people who speak other languages. Players from the Netherlands, Brazil or Finland would opt for casinos where someone knows their language, and that’s a slot for you to fill.

Employment in the online gambling sector is not only a matter of taste since the benefits are many. And just like when choosing a casino to play at, choosing one to work at involves boiling the list down to those you can trust and make money from.