Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Despite disruptions, 3/4s of UK workers ARE supportive of those on strike

And 20% of private sector workers consider joining the action

As Britain enters another week of widespread disruption caused by the biggest wave of strikes in a decade, a survey by the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library, reveals that 76% of UK workers are sympathetic towards those choosing to take industrial action. In a surprising twist, the unprecedented strikes have also inspired 19.6% of private sector workers to consider taking similar action. 

65.5% of the 2,250 people CV-Library surveyed are unhappy with the way the Government is handling the situation but there is overwhelming sympathy for the workers themselves, with Nurses and Ambulance Drivers gaining the most support*: 

  • 69.3% Nurses 
  • 62.8% Ambulance Drivers 
  • 48.8% Teachers 
  • 46.3% Postal Workers 
  • 41.2% Rail Workers 
  • 24.0% No sympathy for any workers choosing to strike 

With specific regard to Teachers striking, 73.5% were unconcerned about any significant impact, although 17.4% admitted they would be affected personally due to their young school-age children being off and 8.1% confessed to worrying that their workload would increase due to colleagues being absent or working from home. 

Lee Biggins, Founder and CEO of CV-Library commented “A whole generation of people are being exposed to strike action for the first time and both the support it’s generating and the example it’s setting will have a huge impact for British businesses, already under pressure.”  

Biggins continues “The Government needs to heed the warning that the majority of UK workers are unhappy with its handling of the situation. Further action is required urgently, not only to stop public services coming to a standstill but to avoid non-union employees following suit.” 

* Respondents were asked to tick all boxes that applied from the 6 options listed