Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Dedicated Software Development Teams vs. Outsourcing: Which is Right for Your Business?

Are you looking for someone who would take responsibility for bringing your business idea to life?

This can be quite a challenge, given both the resource-intensiveness of hiring new specialists and the complexity of the software development process in general. You could use a flat fee recruiter like Starget. However, a solution to this problem still exists.

So What Is This Solution?

Usually, companies whose main activity is not software development have no idea how to properly organize work processes within the team that is engaged in creating a digital product. This, in turn, entails outgoings in the form of:

  • the need for training in-house employees for effective project management and human resource management
  • formation of a knowledge base relevant to the project
  • hiring full-time developers, QA testers, system architectures, UX/UI designers, and so on
  • formal employment of new specialists with accompanying bureaucratic processes and costs
  • organization of team building events and familiarization of new employees with the core company’s activities
  • organization of workplaces, with the provision of the necessary equipment and software development tools

If we add to all these problems usually high rates for developer services (specifically for the region in which the company's offices are located, they can be unaffordable), it becomes clear that the formation of a separate local team to work on just one project is definitely not the most time- and cost-efficient option.

In particular, in this case, it would be much more rational to cooperate with a dedicated software development team whose services will be provided on behalf of an outsourcing company. 

But what about hiring a dedicated software development team in comparison with other collaboration models? In fact, it should be noted that, unlike other types of outsourcing, dedicated software development teams, after signing a contract with a specific client, work only on the delegated project, immersing themselves in the specifics of the business and not being distracted by any other extraneous tasks. Also, dedicated teams are flexible enough to adapt to changing client’s requirements. All this is almost impossible (or, to be more precise, very expensive) in the case of hiring freelancers or in any other format of remote collaboration.

Also, clients get confidence in the protection of their intellectual property due to the conclusion of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Of course, in theory, any specialist can provide you with the opportunity to sign such a contract, but in the case of cooperation with a dedicated team, security guarantees will be much more reliable.

An additional advantage of dedicated software developers is that project management takes place on their side. Thus, clients do not need to spend their time and other resources on thoroughly understanding the work processes within the team.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have helped you understand the advantages of dedicated software development teams compared to in-house teams and teams working according to other outsourcing models. If you are interested in working with a dedicated software team, feel free to contact us, and we will select the best specialists for your project