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David Bolno’s Advice for Entertainers Looking to Make a Difference

It is different for everyone to define success in the entertainment industry, but everyone can benefit from developing certain habits regardless of their goals, aims, and aspirations.

Furthermore, education plays an important role in any career, yet most young or aspiring entertainers in the music industry give less importance to education. In addition to developing useful skills and knowledge, it can also give you the opportunity to network with industry leaders. So today, we will look forward to learning about David Bolno’s Advice for Entertainers Looking to Make a Difference.

Who is David Bolno?

In the United States, David Bolno's impressive career history spans an impressive variety of positions spanning across the entertainment industry, where he has served as in-house entertainment executive, business manager, and has managed several high-profile clients in the entertainment, film, and television fields.

Currently, Bolno is a partner and head of music at NKSFB, a talent management company representing a wide variety of musicians, songwriters, and producers.

As an entertainment business manager, Bolno has gained valuable experience from his academic background as well.

“In his role as a business manager, Bolno places an emphasis on business structure, growth, and planning. While he was assisting his clients in attaining success in the workplace, he also took the time to meet their personal needs. When he works with young people, he uses the same approach. His listening skills and ability to answer their questions are admirable. Following that, he offers them advice and financial assistance tailored to their specific needs. It is his approach that enables people to realize their professional dreams”

Tips for new entertainers looking to become successful:

An entertainer's job is both rewarding and challenging. They risk everything to engage an audience and evoke an emotional response night from them. But if you are lacking in this criteria, here are some effective tips for new entertainers looking to become successful.

  • Quantity over quality
  • Be consistent
  • Get your social media followers to subscribe to your email list.
  • You need to set goals, but you must also establish systems that will help you become a good writer.
  • Invest your time in producing rather than in plugins.
  • Make a contribution to the music and entertainment production community
  • Be aware of your competitive advantage
  • Practice regularly, and build uniqueness in your work
  • Be bold and take chances
  • Enjoy yourself through the building process
  • Go out and perform
  • Lastly, stay optimistic

David Bolno's Advice for Entertainers Looking to Make a Difference

Consider your values:

Give yourself some time to reflect on what you value most and what you believe in. It may include qualities such as honesty, compassion, or respect.

Think about your aspirations and goals:

Make a list of the goals you want to accomplish in life and the things you are working towards. Goals could be career-related, personal, or life-related.

Analyze your relationships:

Take a moment to consider the people in your life who make you feel happy and well-adjusted. Take a moment to think about your most important relationships.

Reflect on your experiences

You should think back on some of the most meaningful and fulfilling experiences in your life. Reflect on your unique experiences and how they shaped your character and brought you growth.

Prioritize your time

Examine how you spend your time and decide whether your activities are aligned with what you value most. You might be able to better align your priorities and values by making a few changes.

The act of giving back

Making a positive impact on the world and helping others can provide fulfillment and meaning in life. By donating to charity, volunteering, or practicing kindness and compassion towards those around you, you can make a difference in the world.


These are some inspiring journey of David Bolno and we hope these given tips will help you create a difference in your entertainment career.