Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Cyber Security Tips Everyone Needs to Know

There is an entire world out there in the digital realm that you might not even think about.

It is that of the online criminal and you can become a victim by putting too much personal information about yourself on the internet. Criminals can use this to run up debts in your name or clean out your bank account. However, you are not totally hopeless against this type of crime, especially if you are vigilant. Here are some of the top cyber security tips that everyone should know.

Create a Strong Password

Using a strong password will make your account harder to hack. A combination of letters, numbers, and characters is advised. You should use both upper and lower case, and these should be random rather than anything that relates to your personal information such as your name, nickname, date of birth, address, etc. You should remember your password once you have created it and never write it down or share it with anyone else. A voluntary breach of security could cost you dearly.

Use Trusted Sites

There are so many websites online that it is easy to make a mistake and use a bogus site rather than a genuine one. There are some great reviews and link sites that will help you to understand which sites are genuine. For example, if you are looking for casino games, googling best online slots USA will help you to find the best ones. Make sure that the site looks genuine, and if things look out of place, they could be fake.

Edit Your Privacy Settings

Customize your personal data on social media as this protects who your information is seen by and only accept friend requests from people you know. Accepting stranger requests could lead to them phishing for personal data that they can then sell.

Remain Cautious

Stay cautious when you are chatting to people online. If you are chatting or streaming, avoid revealing personal information that could be used to steal your identity or your money. It may be that you are chatting to a friend you have known for years online but if one of your accounts is hacked, a criminal will know your personal information too.

Use a VPN

A VPN (a virtual private network) to log on to your computer will scramble your personal data traffic. This means that hackers can’t access your IP address and steal your personal data this way.

Use Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software will protect your computer from getting infected with viruses. Once a virus has found its way onto your computer, a hacker can use it to access your personal or financial information. However, anti-virus software will delete any viruses it detects making it much harder for a hacker to access your online information.

Cyber security fraud is a growing crime, and it’s no wonder as hackers don’t have to leave the comfort of their own homes to commit their crimes. Use these six cyber security tips to avoid being their next victim.