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Customers' Reviews About iMind Video-Conferencing Service

In the conditions of remote work, the whole world goes online.

Companies are trying to create interesting video content, fitness studios are recording online workouts, museums are conducting virtual tours, and more. And such an important business task as finding new employees is no exception. iMind conferences are making the process easier and more comfortable as they have all the needed communication features to conduct a perfect interview, even a group one.

What Features Does iMind Offer?

Let’s see what features a conference meeting tool must have and then compare it to what iMind has to be convenient for the participant.

So, here is a list of top things that should be available:

  • there is enough room for a large group; 
  • work for representatives from several offices; 
  • may schedule a meeting; 
  • includes screen sharing; 
  • recording feature; 
  • high-quality video;
  • noise suppression; 
  • chat; 
  • decent volume.

Talking about the iMind conferencing tool, we can definitely agree that it has even more functionality than any other average program. You can try it by yourself and start your successful important meetings now.

iMind Plans

At the beginning of working with the iMind conferencing program, you need to decide on the features you need to be included in the service. The pricing will directly depend on the number and quality of the functions that you want to have.

The most exciting thing about this innovative, progressive tool is that you can use it for free completely as your starter plan. It includes group meetings for up to 24 hours, groups for up to 100 participants, and simultaneous screen sharing.

If you want additional capability from the platform, you may upgrade to a Pro, Business, or Enterprise package based on your requirements. The cost of the plans varies. The packages range from $6.99 per month to a price on request.

How to Start Using iMind?

As moving your business needs to be as fast as possible these days, iMind conferences offer a quick start to using the program. All you have to do is to choose a plan and give a link to another participant who is going to join you. That’s it. Now, you have access to the chosen feature and function of the iMind video conferencing tool for companies.

Why iMind Reviews Receive High Ratings From Users?

Since the beginning, the iMind video conferencing platform has performed flawlessly. You may check out the hundreds of verified reviews from individuals all around the world who call and talk through our platform to see for yourself. They may be found here: is a service with chat for business that millions of people turn to for work and communication.