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Crafting the Perfect Tablescape: Decorative Tips for Round Serving Trays

You know that feeling of walking into a room, just catching a glimpse of the tablescape you've created, and standing back to admire your work?

If you're looking to add an extra touch of color and texture to your tablescape, or just need some decorative inspiration for a blank canvas, look no further than one of the classics: round serving trays.

Serving trays are versatile additions to any table setting, allowing for creativity with your decorative pieces. We'll give you tips on how to make the most out of styling a table, from choosing the suitable tray for the occasion and arranging your decor to look effortless and inviting.

A Guide to Decorative Accents

When crafting the perfect tablescape for any occasion, paying attention to the details is essential. And when it comes to round serving trays, there are a lot of decorative options that you can consider.

So what kind of decorative accents can you use on your tray? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Placemats: These allow you to add color and texture while protecting your table's surface. Choose something that stands out and complements the other elements on the table.

  • Candles: Add candles in even numbers for a soothing and inviting atmosphere. Just ensure they sit lower than the centerpieces, so they don't interfere with visibility.

  • Napkin Rings: Choose these with a theme or color scheme in mind for a unified look. They also add an interesting element and keep napkins neatly tucked in place.

  • Greenery or flowers: Consider flowers inspired by the season or holiday – or pick something that looks nice when arranged together! Fillers like moss, stones, or pebbles can help set off their beauty even more.

These decorative accents help create an inviting atmosphere that will enhance any mealtime experience – no matter your tablescape style!

Themes and Color Schemes for Round Trays

Trays are an ideal way to set the tone for a table setting. With the right decorative options, you can create a stunning, cohesive look that'll make your guests feel like they've been invited to a posh soiree.

The best place to start is by picking a theme and coordinating a color scheme. For instance, try white and black with hints of gold accents sprinkled throughout if you're going for a classic yet modern look. Or, if you're planning a romantic dinner, add pops of pink and purple complemented by subtle whites and greens.

Add items to the tray to match your theme or color scheme. For example, you could include simple white candles for an elegant look or splurge on gold-dipped champagne flutes for an upscale touch. Layer in faux greenery, serving utensils, cloth napkins, or flowers to create depth and texture in your tablescape. The possibilities are endless!

Tips for Creating a Cohesive Look

Creating a cohesive look for your round serving tray is all about the details. Here are a few tips for making sure all the elements come together in perfect harmony:

  • Color - Using colors that complement one another will help create a unified aesthetic. Pick colors from the same color scheme, such as different shades of blue or red, or go with coordinating colors like orange and yellow.

  • Texture - Combining different textures in similar colors can make your tablescape look very inviting. Try combining cotton or linen tablecloths with woven placemats and napkins, or mix chunky ceramic plates with delicate glassware.

  • Proportion - Pay attention to the size of your plates, bowls, and other items relative to each other as well as to the round serving tray itself. A good rule of thumb is to use larger items like serving platters at the center and smaller items around it. This will help create visual balance and make your tablescape look inviting.

  • Fine Details - Details like fresh flowers, herbs, or scented candles can turn a simple tablescape into something exceptional. Just be sure to pick items that complement each other in terms of colors, shapes, and sizes for the best results.

Matching Linens and Napkins

Matching linens and napkins with your serving tray helps tie your tablescape together. Depending on the formality of the occasion, you can go with an entire matching set or mix it up with patterns and colors.

For a formal occasion, consider going with one color palette. For example, try a white linen tablecloth accompanied by linen napkins in a coordinating color like aubergine or light gray. Or, if you want a bold look, use bright colors like magenta or sunshine yellow!

Use patterned linens instead if you're looking for something more relaxed and casual. If your tray is floral-patterned, try a striped tablecloth and gingham-patterned napkins.

No matter what kind of look you're going for— formal or casual — matching linens and napkins can help complete the perfect tablescape for any occasion.


The beauty of round serving trays lies in their versatility. There are endless possibilities for giving your table a decorative touch and making it look like a million bucks. Whether you go for a timeless, classic approach or a more eye-catching, modern look, you can craft a tablescape that expresses your unique style. If you feel you still need additional guidance before taking the plunge and making that purchase for a new tray or decorative options; check out the vast amount of home décor and design blogs online, they will be sure to help! We’ve seen that DeCasa Collections provides additional advice and information surrounding the serving tray space. 

You can give your round tray an elegant update with a few creative touches, like fresh flowers, candles, and other decorative items. The correct planning allows you to create the perfect setting for a dinner party or special occasion.