Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Contractor Umbrella News: Negative impact on professionals combining remote working with caring

Over a third of professionals working remotely during the pandemic have also had caring responsibilities, finds a new survey.

According to the Hays report of over 13,500 professionals and employers, of those in this situation, as many as 43% have said that their mental health has been impacted negatively.

Fifty-four per cent of professionals said that their employer has been fully supportive of other commitments whilst working remotely, 32% said they have been ‘somewhat’ supportive and 14% said they haven’t had any support at all.

Of those who said that their employer hasn’t been supportive, as many as 55% said that as a result they are looking for a new job, 30% said they feel less loyal and 12% admit to being less productive.

Yvonne Smyth, Groupe Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Hays, commented, “It’s positive that support has been there for most people who have been juggling remote work with caring responsibilities. However, it’s concerning that a fair amount of those in this position have seen an adverse effect on their mental health, work-life balance, relationships with colleagues and are ultimately worried about the impact on their careers.

“As childcare remains limited, employers need to continue to help employees who might be struggling. Employers should speak to their staff to find out what else they can do to support them and ensure they aren’t side-lining team members who might not be able to attend each and every call.

“Take the time to speak to staff on a one-to-one basis to understand how they are getting on, and show that they are listening. Be frank and transparent in discussions so staff can be honest in their feedback. This will better allow you to tailor your response and offer wellbeing training, counselling or extra support where needed.”


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