Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

ClearStar secures new integration with Virtual Badge for mobile ID badging solution

Integration provides further route-to-market in industries requiring on-the-go workforce management

ClearStar (AIM: CLSU), the technology and service provider to the background screening industry, is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to integrate its mobile background screening solutions with Virtual Badge, the world’s first patented smartphone ID badging system. This new technology integration, which is expected to launch by year-end, will provide ClearStar with a further route-to-market in industries demanding on-the-go workforce management solutions.

Virtual Badge, a product of Disaster Solutions LLC, offers a workforce identity and management solution based on a smartphone app that issues and displays virtual ID cards (a Virtual Badge), and the employer can manage all features from their own smartphone. It facilitates workforce management through the ability to track activities – based on the scanning of a QR code or the device’s GPS location – such as time on-site and materials/supply deliveries; managing visitors and issuing temporary badges; and sending tasks, alerts and other messages to employees. It can also collect other types of data such as job details and feedback surveys.

Under the terms of the agreement, ClearStar’s suite of mobile screening solutions will be integrated with Virtual Badge to enable remote identity verification by taking a photo of the employee’s face and government-issued photo ID using ClearStar’s ClearID solution. Relevant information from the results of the background screen, along with a photo, will populate in Virtual Badge, providing the employer with a fully-vetted, mobile, remote-controlled ID badge for their employees. It also allows for continuous screening monitoring, with a badge becoming automatically suspended should the employee commit a predefined offence. This is the first time that facial recognition-based background screening will be integrated with a mobile access badge.

The remote ID verification capabilities of ClearID are well-suited for Virtual Badge’s primary target markets of construction and engineering, healthcare, membership organisations, youth sports, industries relying on contractors or temporary workers and organisations with secure facilities. Similarly, the moving and relocation and home healthcare industries, where ClearStar has already established a strong market position, would benefit from the additional workforce management features offered by Virtual Badge. As a result, the Company expects to be able to grow its footprint in its current industries as well as expand to others by leveraging this integration with Virtual Badge.

“We are very excited to join the ClearStar innovative family to offer, for the first time ever, badges fully integrated with industry-leading mobile facial recognition background screening solutions enabling us to provide an end-to-end service for our customers. We are impressed with their motivation to bring this solution to market quickly, and we look forward to the possibilities this partnership will continue to offer,” said John Simion, Co-Founder at Disaster Solutions.

“We are proud to have secured this integration with Virtual Badge, an industry-leading  identity and workforce management solution,” added Robert J. Vale, Jr., CEO of ClearStar. “We share with Disaster Solutions a commitment to utilising mobile technology to provide nimble but secure solutions that will bring value to employers searching for a better way to verify and manage their casual labour workforce. This integration provides us with another route-to-market in what we have already identified as a key growth area and we look forward to leveraging this industry-first offering to continue to expand in the on-the-go workforce management industries.”