Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Clear Review extends platform to connect employee engagement with performance management

Clear Review, the UK performance management technology scaleup, today announces an extension to its continuous performance management platform that will link employee engagement and motivation with performance development.

The flexible new tool, now available to Clear Review’s rapidly growing customer base, is designed to pose short, frequent and low-maintenance questions and then use employee responses to craft smart “nudges” which feed into ongoing performance and wellbeing conversations. Other new features as part of the extension include the ability for employees to either freely or anonymously submit ideas, praise or concerns via a virtual suggestion box - an addition that promotes more regular and more meaningful conversations in an environment where employees can feel psychologically safe. 

Clear Review CEO, Stuart Hearn, said: “For an organisation to reach high performance, it first has to have motivated and engaged employees. Engagement and performance are still largely talked about as separate entities in the HR world yet the two are inextricably linked. Extensive research shows that work engagement is the single biggest performance differentiator, so the two have to be looked at in conjunction.” 

Hearn continued: “We’ve seen the rise of the purist engagement survey in recent years, but these haven’t solved the ongoing stagnation that many of the world’s largest economies are experiencing in performance and productivity terms. The real value in engagement lies in how it affects performance and productivity. If we want to unlock sustained high performance, we need to start asking people the right questions at the right frequency.”

Clear Review’s renewed solution has been developed in collaboration with renowned workplace psychologist Ian MacRae, who added: “Clear Review has developed a game-changing technology platform that, for the first time, puts the focus firmly on benefitting employees and motivating them to perform rather than just capturing static engagement data that delivers no meaningful results. The opportunities to be gained from this are significant and we’re excited to see the benefits it will deliver for Clear Review customers and their employees.”

About Clear Review

Clear Review enables organisations to move away from broken annual appraisals to more meaningful, continuous employee feedback. The company serves the mid-size market, facilitating more human, future-focused employee performance conversations, and generating the positive organisational gains that come with this.

Hosted via the Cloud, Clear Review has more than 260 customers, with key brands including Virgin Money, Ricoh, NEXT, Mischcon de Reya, Kennedys and The Valuation Office Agency (VOA).