Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

CharityJob publishes Benefits Report 2023

CharityJob has published their Benefits Report 2023, revealing which benefits and perks employees receive in their current roles and which factors they prioritise when considering job opportunities.

To support charities in today’s challenging recruitment market, CharityJob, the UK’s largest charity job board, surveyed over 1,400 candidates about the benefits and perks they currently receive and which ones they look for in a new job. The findings complement the CharityJob Salary Report 2023, published in March – together, the reports paint a comprehensive picture of compensation in the sector.

The most important benefits for candidates were 25+ days annual leave, remote working options and flexible working hours – and these were the three benefits most frequently received by those currently working in the charity sector. But an organisation’s culture and mission were also highlighted as important factors for CharityJob candidates. Other benefits were highly desired but received by only a small proportion of candidates, including a four-day work week on full-time pay. The report also reveals that the relative importance of specific benefits varies between demographic groups.

“Offering fair pay remains essential to attracting candidates and increasing diversity across organisations, but it’s clear that salary isn’t always the main incentive for joining the charity sector,” says Raya Wexler, Co-founder of CharityJob.

“It’s crucial for employers to offer a comprehensive and competitive benefits package. This means not only tailoring benefits to the specific needs of diverse candidates, but also cultivating a positive and inclusive work environment that aligns with the charity’s mission and values.” Charities that post on CharityJob have access to a range of tools that make hiring more effective, including an organisation profile feature to showcase who they are, what they offer and why it’s great to work for them.

The full report from the benefits survey can be accessed here.