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Can You Make a Living in Texas as a Professional Bettor?

You’ve been rewriting your resume for yet another 9-5 job but your heart is not set on it, and you’re wondering if your betting hobby could be turned into a professional career.

Sports betting holds a bit of a question mark in Texas. Although sports betting is still a legal no-go, people looking to bet in Texas can go to offshore sportsbooks if they want to get their betting fix and possibly experiment with a new potential career.

The History of Sports Betting in Texas

When it comes to sports betting, Texas has traditionally been at or near the bottom of the league table. Texas sports betting legislation is moving at a glacial pace due to a mix of the state's deeply ingrained catholic culture and several constitutional roadblocks. However, the most recent update that has come to our attention regarding betting in Texas from Vegas Stats and Information Network's vice president of digital content, Ben Fawkes states that Texas sports betting might yield revenue figures equal to New York if licensing arrives in the Lone Star State. This statement sounds rather promising for individuals who are considering becoming professional bettors in the state of Texas.

Sportsbooks: Gateway to Professional Betting

For the time being, sports betting organizations cannot operate within the state of Texas. However, it is not illegal for Texas citizens to do so through offshore sportsbooks. What this means is that, if you wish to make a living in Texas as a professional bettor, you can use sportsbooks outside the US. If you want to learn more about online sportsbooks accepting Texas bettors, we recommend checking out trusted sources that have all the information you could possibly ask for to start your professional betting career. These sportsbooks will also allow you to immerse yourself in high-quality betting markets and use fantastic bonuses that can help you win money and potentially make a living as a professional bettor in Texas.

Make use of Bonuses

One of the best ways to make a living as a professional bettor in the state of Texas is through the bonuses that offshore sportsbooks have to offer. Texas sports bettors may look forward to a slew of enticing incentives. We will be covering the various betting awards available,  from big welcome bonuses to sports reload incentives to help answer the question at hand in this next section.

The Welcome Bonus

Any fresh bettor to the betting scene will receive a welcome bonus when they start using an offshore betting site. Once the bettor has registered, they will be asked to make a deposit which will be used to activate the wondrous welcome bonus. This welcome bonus generally comes with a matching bonus, however, there are certain betting sites that will give a little something extra along with the 100% matching bonus. Newbies may also come across free spins for example. It depends on which site they choose. This is a good way to get started and ease into the scene.

Free Bets Bonus

Another bonus that bettors should keep their eyes out for are the promotions for free bets, and luckily they are common at offshore sportsbooks.

Match, Rebate, Reload

This category falls under the sportsbooks daily promotion sector. Bonuses like matching, rebates, and reloads are all part of this package. It does depend on the day a little bit, however, as there are days where the user's total deposit will determine the matching deposit rate, while on others, it will be set.

Choose an Alternate Payment Method

Believe it or not, no two payment methods are alike in the world of sports betting. When bettors are thinking about smart ways to make money, especially when it comes to sports betting, choosing the right payment method is crucial and luckily there are plenty to choose from.

Using Crypto Bonus

The use of alternate currencies such as bitcoin is becoming more commonplace in the world of betting. Offshore betting sites may give a special cryptocurrency booster incentive to entice their subscribers to make use of them. Switching to cryptocurrency may be a smart move for those looking to take betting a little more seriously, especially since withdrawals and exchanges are made almost instantly using crypto.

e-Wallet Betting

An alternate method of betting by comparison to cryptocurrency are e-wallets. There are certain sportsbooks that have promotions on offer specifically crafted for users who are using an e-Wallet to place their bets. On top of this, with e-Wallets, you can expect your withdrawals to be processed within 24 hours, which allows you to maintain a steadier income in comparison to more traditional methods.

Good ol’ Credit Cards

In terms of financial possibilities, credit cards are still king when it comes to online betting. Credit card deposits are accepted at all of the offshore sportsbooks. A credit card authorization form might be required by some of these betting establishments, which could be a little more time-consuming but nonetheless an ideal method to go for if a bettor wants to start betting in Texas.

Final Verdict

Whether you can actually be a professional bettor in Texas is debatable, mostly depending on how well you know your betting sites as the betting industry is highly volatile. Sports bettors are savvy money managers that need to be smart about how they go about making a bet, understanding the offers that betting sites have in store is only the starting point for pursuing a career in betting.