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Business advice: three easy ways to streamline your departments and boost efficiency

Just because your company is ticking along nicely doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. In today’s business environment, everyone is looking to get the most out of their resources whilst boosting efficiency at the same time.

This is certainly no mean feat though, so we’ve taken the time to suggest just three top ways of how you can go about it. Hopefully, it will set your business on the right track towards a better bottom line.

1.Invest in eco

Using products that are greener is not a new craze, but it’s had a particularly big impact on businesses in recent years thanks to better technology. There are now many ways to enhance the environmentally friendly nature of your business, but in a way that will help to boost your efficiency too, and of course save you money.

On the one hand, you could look into printer packages that specifically identify when you are potentially wasting paper. For example, warning signs will crop up if you have a page on the end of a document that merely has a web address on. Aside from this, there are simple changes you can make; why not switch to LED light bulbs which last significantly longer and use much less energy, but also install motion detector systems? When an area isn’t in use, it will know to turn off and save power.

2.Use programmes that help you

There are many software programmes that are designed to consolidate your efforts and streamline your departments, so it’s best to look at where your teams are wasting resources. For example, your digital time might be spending hours hopping from channel to channel on social media to distribute content, but Hootsuite could allow them to post to multiple accounts at once.

Similarly, HR could be spending hours managing payroll, holiday requests and wasting time duplicating data across various systems, but Cascade Human Resource Software has been designed specifically to minimise the human error involved in this area. Once you’ve found out where your teams are falling behind, there will be a way of streamlining it.

3.Implement an empty desk policy

Another part of efficiency in business is recognising where the market is going and how today’s employees prefer to work. Nowadays, staff have various family commitments that mean flexible working hours make their lives a lot easier, such as a lack of childcare. The ability to work remotely can massively boost their productivity, and by understanding this, you’ll be able to play to their strengths.

Many businesses now employ an empty desk policy, where their staff are given laptops instead of a traditional computer set up to support their need to work from home. They’ll be able to continue to provide a high standard of work, but this policy is also economical for your business too, as laptops use far less energy.

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