Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Brookfield Rose acquires social enterprise Slivers of Time

Technology designed for boosting the value of volunteers will help UK public and private organisations cut workforce cost and improve quality of service

A huge spread of organisations spanning sectors as broad as local government, logistics, and private health and social care will soon benefit from technology designed to help charities and not-for-profit organisations boost the impact of volunteers.

Brookfield Rose, a specialist in improving the supply and management of temporary workforces across the UK, has acquired Slivers of Time, a social enterprise established to help organisations improve the way they recruit and utilise volunteers.

The deal brings together Brookfield Rose’s proven platform for streamlining the management of temporary workforces in sectors as broad as social care, healthcare, construction, logistics and retail, with Slivers of Time’s innovative approach, already used by charities, local authorities and national employers to create pools of talented volunteers, accurately assign them relevant work, and rate their performance through peer review. It means that employers across the UK can now rely on a single organisation to reduce complexity and cut costs by optimising every aspect of finding and managing their entire workforce from start to finish.

The deal will enable Brookfield Rose’s family of businesses to expand the impact of Slivers of Time’s approach, taking it beyond volunteers, and applying it to the wider workforce. By combining this with Brookfield Rose’s established e-tips platform, both companies expect their combined expertise to enable the provision of a stronger and more effective workforce for a huge spread of organisations across the UK.

The acquisition also adds significantly to Brookfield Rose’s community support programme as it will continue to support Slivers of Time’s social agenda and allow the company to offer its technology at a much reduced cost to charities and not for profit organisations. As part of this dedication to community responsibilities, Brookfield Rose is also ensuring Slivers of Time’s can continue to roll out its new model for volunteering which will enable the NHS to integrate with multiple local volunteer organisations to extend care in the home, and help local authorities use volunteering as a stepping stone to permanent work, especially for young people seeking their first job. This will ensure existing efforts to help local and national communities can continue to make the most of the opportunities volunteers provide.

“The acquisition of Slivers of Time is as much about extending our support for community programmes as it about our commercial opportunities,” explains Matthew Sanders, CEO of Brookfield Rose. “Our collective skills, know-how and technology will enable any organisation reliant on voluntary support to find, engage and manage the best people to meet their specific needs, improving their ability to support local and national community needs. This is a critical part of what Brookfield Rose stands for and one of the main reasons we wanted to work with the team at Slivers of Time on a more permanent basis.”

“Joining Brookfield Rose places our technology, expertise and experience at the heart of where it can have greatest impact,” explains Bob McNinch, CEO at Slivers of Time. “Whilst we started out as a social enterprise focused on volunteers it has become clear that our approach has equal relevance to the broader workforce. By combining our approach with Brookfield Rose’s established platforms and approaches we are in a fantastic position to apply that theory in practice across multiple sectors in the UK.”