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BPP announce new partnership with The 5% Club

With a pioneering role in shaping the future of apprenticeships, BPP Group, the UK’s largest apprenticeship training provider, today announces a new partnership with employer membership charity, The 5% Club. BPP will be the only training provider Patron on The 5% Club’s Steering Group, along with key employers.

The 5% Club is a dynamic movement of employers that are committed to earn and learn to build and develop a workforce that is part of a socially mobile, prosperous, and cohesive nation. The Club exists to support its members and all employers to further increase the number, quality and range of earn and learn opportunities across the UK.

They represent 950 organisations across the UK providing earn and learn opportunities for their workforce, and work with employers including B&Q, BUPA, Coca-Cola, KPMG, PwC, and Network Rail. The 5% Club members aspire to achieve 5% of their workforce in earn and learn positions (apprentices, sponsored students, and graduates on formalised training schemes) within five years of joining.

The partnership between BPP and The 5% Club aligns with BPP’s core values and passion for accessible skills development through “earn and learn” schemes.

BPP already work with employers to develop their workforce plans so apprenticeships benefit their business, having done this successfully for many leading organisations including KPMG, Mazars and TSB. BPP work with employers to map roles to standards and with practical application at the heart, so employees can apply what they learn in their roles from day one.

Members of The 5% Club collectively employ over 1.6 million employees and 76,000 apprentices. They have 17,000 people on graduate programmes, 8,000 sponsored students and more than 101,000 people in the workplace that have been given skills-based training opportunities.

Director of Apprenticeship Strategy and Policy, Nicki Hay, who will be a representative on the Steering Group, said: “We are delighted to be a Patron with The 5% Club, who are a highly respected organisation by government and who have influencing powers in the skills landscape.

“We look forward to being able to play an active role in all of The 5% Club events, access and hold events targeting particular employers, offering support and providing solutions on workforce planning and people developmentBPP is extremely excited to become the first Training Provider Patron, this will allow us to work alongside the other Patrons to help support and steer the direction of The 5% Club in meetings its ambitions.”

Mark Cameron OBE, CEO of The 5% Club said "We are delighted to welcome BPP as our latest Patron member. Patrons are essential to the success of The 5% Club, contributing to the leadership and critical thinking that are so important to our movement. BPP will not only bring the crucial training provider perspective but also a wealth of knowledge and experience of the apprenticeship landscape. It is fantastic that BPP has decided to become a Patron and are clearly so passionate about our cause. The BPP business, so skilfully represented by Director of Apprenticeship Strategy and Policy Nichola Hay MBE on our Steering Group, is clearly driven to make the difference and to help address some of the challenges within our society, which is so important in these uncertain times.

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